3 Destination Bachelorette Party Ideas

3 Apr 2023

Let’s set the scene: the time has finally come for your bachelorette party weekend. You’ve picked the destination, gotten your girl gang together, booked the Airbnb, etc. But there is still plenty to be done! Making your bachelorette weekend insta-worthy is half the fun. Luckily, here at For Your Party, we’ve rounded up 3 bachelorette party ideas that will make this the best weekend ever (and we’ll even match the destination of choice)! Now let’s get into the nitty-gritty.

Bachelorette party must-haves

1. Goodies for your gal's weekend

You’re going to want your bachelorette party to be memorable from start to finish. Luckily we have the products that will help you do just that. First things first, thank your “I Do Crew” with a custom welcome bag full of goodies for the weekend! We even have some ideas on how to fill the bag with the bachelorette party must-haves you’ll need later on. Our drink pouches are a fan favorite for a bachelorette weekend because they’re so versatile (and look super cute in pictures). Whether you’re using them for your hangover kit essentials, sitting poolside, or a snack container, they’re going to be your BFF for the weekend. 

But let’s not forget the other bachelorette party ideas you’ll need throughout your last fling before the ring. You’re going to need cups to drink your favorite drink out of, and of course, some napkins to match (because we all know spills are bound to happen). And don’t forget your custom can coolers and shot glasses! Want your whole spread customized? Add a personalized charcuterie board to snack off of and some plates to go with it! Once you have all the goodies for the weekend picked out, you’ll need to figure out how to get them to match the rest of the decor. Well, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered there too.

Bachelorette party must-haves

2. Personalizing your party

Here at For Your Party, customization is our specialty! So whether you’re going to Nashville, Scottsdale, Vegas, or anywhere in between we’ll have something to match the vibe. Our bachelorette party destination-themed napkins are a must have bachelorette party idea for your weekend getaway, featuring the most popular bachelorette party destinations this upcoming season. Don’t see your destination? No worries! This is just the problem that we can solve.  Create your own products from scratch using our customizer to make the perfect party essentials for you and your gals. Upload your own art or pick from our hundreds of designs to customize your own must-have bachelorette party essentials to match whatever theme you’re going for. 

Bachelorette party ideas custom cups

3. The must-have theme for your last fling

Speaking of themes, to take your weekend to the next level, our last bachelorette party idea is to pick a fun theme that stands out. This will help your girl gang look coordinated when you hit the town, and look cute while doing it. We know picking a theme can be tricky, but luckily we’ve got some ideas for you. A major trend we’ve been loving this wedding and bachelorette party season is a western theme. Think cowgirl boots, big hats, bright colors, and lots of yee haws. Luckily for you and your gals, our newest collection, Cowgirl Bachelorette will help you accessorize your weekend in the cutest way. With everything from cowgirl-themed shot glasses, to drink pouches, to napkins, we have all the bachelorette party must-have items to make your last rodeo the best one yet.

Bachelorette party ideas themes

No matter how you celebrate your bachelorette party, here at for your party, we’re here to help you make it shine. Our number one bachelorette party idea is to have fun! Tag us in any pictures of your bachelorette party shenanigans @foryourparty on Instagram. We’d love to see how you chose to personalize the weekend all about you. 

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Bachelorette party must-haves