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Pantone Classic Blue Themed Party

Color of the Year

Pantone Classic Blue Inspiration


2020 is here, and with it comes one of our favorite announcements: The Pantone Color of the Year. This year, Classic Blue reigns supreme, with it’s calming, “sky at dusk appeal.” Pantone says, “ Instilling calm, confidence, and connection, this enduring blue hue highlights our desire for a dependable and stable foundation on which to build as we cross the threshold into a new era.” Per usual, it sounds like a perfect color choice for this new year! 

Of course, here at For Your Party, we love a reason to plan a party, and a Classic Blue inspired party is sure to be gorgeous! Offer your guests a tranquil party environment with Classic Blue, as it “ brings a sense of peace and tranquility to the human spirit, offering refuge.” It sounds like a perfect starting point for a party in 2020 to us! 

Something Blue

How to Style Your Party or Wedding with

Pantone Classic Blue

Styling a Classic Blue party is simple and your results are sure to be fabulous. There are endless ways to layer Classic Blue hues at your event. From cocktail napkins to disposable face masks to custom cups and personalized wedding coasters, your personalized party accessories can anchor your décor with the blue hue that you’re going for. 

Don’t forget to infuse what you’re serving with Classic Blue details. Classic Blue signature cocktails will add an unexpected layer of blue to your party, and of course, your dessert table should feature blue iced cupcakes or cookies. Blue hydrangeas are a perfect flower choice for a Classic Blue themed event, and their dramatic blooms stand alone well AND look great in more complex floral arrangements. 

Classic Blue is the kind of color that doesn’t need tons of supporting details to shine. It’s calm, resilient effect allows for an elegant simplicity for the rest of your party décor, meaning that your party planning will hopefully be a calm and centered experience, too. Cheers to that! Start designing your Classic Blue party today!