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Specialty Matchboxes Collection

Explore our collection of customizable specialty shape matchboxes; click through to explore galleries of designs.
Then, choose paper and foil colors to coordinate beautiful personalization for your wedding or event!

Marble Pattern Triangle Matchboxes with Shiny Gold Foil The Adventure Begins Names and Date
Triangle Matchboxes
$76 for 50 min
2.06" X 1
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Poptone Bright Coral Lipstick Matchbox with Shiny Gold Foil Initials and Date
Lipstick Matchboxes
$76 for 50 min
2.25" X .75" X .75"
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Leather Like Pearl Barrel Matchbox with Matte Navy Foil Wreath and Initials
Barrel Matchboxes
$180 for 50 min
1" X 2.38"
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