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ForYourParty.com Mod Mediterranean Let's Dance Napkin Personalized White Borderless Ink Printed Cocktail Napkin with Matte Light Coral Ink Digital Print Colors has a Twinkle Frame graphic and is good for use in Stars, Frames, Holiday themed parties and can be personalized to match your party's exact theme and tempo. 1812586 23446 $ 144.00
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Mod Mediterranean Let's Dance Napkin Ink Printed Guest Towels
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Photo Napkins

    Top quality 3-ply. White and Ivory. Available with embossed edge or borderless.

  • White Borderless
  • Dove Gray Borderless
  • Ballet Pink Borderless
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Digital Inks

  • Matte Slate Gray Ink
  • Matte Ivory Ink
  • Matte Dove Grey
  • Matte Taupe Ink
  • Matte Sand Ink
  • Matte Kraft/Latte Ink
  • Matte Chocolate Ink
  • Matte Black Ink
  • Matte Blush Ink
  • Matte Rouge Ink
  • Matte Pastel Pink Ink
  • Matte Light Coral Ink
  • Matte Ballet Pink Ink
  • Matte Fuchsia Ink
  • Matte Lipstick Red Ink
  • Matte Poppy Ink
  • Matte Dark Magenta Ink
  • Matte Brick Ink
  • Matte Red Berry Ink
  • Matte Tangerine Ink
  • Matte Mimosa Yellow Ink
  • Matte Chartreuse Ink
  • Matte Sage Ink
  • Matte Sunflower Ink
  • Matte Mint Ink
  • Matte Spring Green Ink
  • Matte Key Lime Ink
  • Matte Army Green Ink
  • Matte Moss Green Ink
  • Matte Leaf Ink
  • Matte Spruce Ink
  • Matte Robin’s Egg Blue Ink
  • Matte Turquoise Ink
  • Matte Teal/Peacock Ink
  • Matte Azure Ink
  • Matte Periwinkle Ink
  • Matte Stone Blue Ink
  • Matte Sky Blue Ink
  • NEW Matte Dark Periwinkle Ink
  • Matte Royal Blue Ink
  • Matte Lavender Ink
  • Matte Cobalt Ink
  • Matte Navy Ink
  • Matte Mauve Ink
  • Matte Grape Soda Ink
  • Matte Amethyst Ink
  • Matte Plum Ink
  • Matte Eggplant Ink
Product Details
Classic 3-ply tissue White
4.25" x 7.75"
Ink Printed
Volume discounts
Expedited options available
Product Description

If you’ve been looking for a classic customized product on a budget, look no further! Ink Printed Guest Hand Towels from For Your Party are a great way to print any design you want in vivid color, whether it’s for entertaining at home, a birthday party, or any other event you can imagine.


Like our Ink Printed Cocktail Napkins, our Ink Printed Guest Hand Towels are available in white, dove gray, or ballet pink. They don’t have a border to give you an even larger canvas for your ideas! Ink printing is also great for guest towels because they’re colorfast, and don’t bleed if you handle them with wet hands. Consider them a great detail for any event! 


Mod Mediterranean Let's Dance Napkin

Ink Printed Guest Towel

Design ID: 1812586

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