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Personalized Wedding Favors

Add a unique touch to your wedding or party with custom favors. For Your Party offers elegant foil stamped wedding favors including; door hangers, bookmarks and tea favors — all with your unique personalization; give your guests a fun take-away from your special event.

Disposable Face Masks stacked
Disposable Face Masks
$68.75 for 25 min | 6.875" x 3.5"
Disposable 3 ply
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2 oz hand sanitizer bottles
2 oz Hand Sanitizer
Starting at $95 for 25
2 fl oz | 3.5" x 2"
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1 oz Hand Sanitizer bottles
1 oz Hand Sanitizer
Starting at $87.50 for 25
1 fl oz | 3" x 1.25"
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Disposable Kids' Face Masks
Kids' Disposable Face Masks
$68.75 for 25 min | 5.325" x 3.5"
Disposable 3 ply
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2 oz full color personalized hand sanitizer
2 oz Full Color Hand Sanitizer
Starting at $114 for 25
2 fl oz | 2" x 3.5"
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1 oz full color personalized hand sanitizer
1 oz Full Color Hand Sanitizer
Starting at $105 for 25
1 fl oz | 1" x 3"
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Quarantined for Life Hand Sanitizer Wipe Favor with Shiny Silver Paper
Hand Sanitizer Wipe Favor
Starting at $60.00 for 50
2.75" w X 3.25" h | each contains 1 wipe
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custom door hanger
Door Hanger
$50.60 for 25 min | $63.80 per 50
4" w x 9" h
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Custom Tea Favor Gift
Tea Favor
$60 for 50 min | 2.75" w x 3.25" h
Stash Premium Tea, multiple flavors available
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custom small sparkler sleeve
Small Sparkler Sleeve
$41.80 for 50 min | $83.60 per 100
2" w x 3" h, sparklers not included
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custom large sparkler sleeve
Large Sparkler Sleeve
$44 for 50 min | $88 per 100
2.75" w X 6" h, sparklers not included
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custom sparkler sleeve large with 30 strike match
Large Sparkler Sleeve with 30 Strike
$82.50 for 50 min | $148.50 per 100
2.75" w x 6" h, sparklers not included, assembly required
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custom bookmark favor
Rectangle Bookmark
$30 for 25 min | $66 for 100
6" h x 1.75" w
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custom rounded bookmark favor
Rounded Bookmark
$29.70 for 25 min | $72.60 for 100
1.93" w x 5.13" h
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Custom Napkin Ring
Napkin Ring
$41 for 50 min
6" w x 1.5" h
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Custom Votive Candle
Votive Candle
$76 for 24 min | White Unscented Candle
Candle 2.5" h x 2" w, Band 4.75"w X 1.5"h
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gold foil party pocket
Party Pocket
$61.60 for 35 min
3.375" x 6.5"
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Share warm feelings with a cozy cup of tea! Personalize your Tea Favor for a holiday gift, party favor, Mother's Day brunch or bridal luncheon. Create a beautiful tea sleeve in the FYP Customizer and complement one of our numerous paper options with an elegant foil stamp. Five Stash Premium tea flavors are available: Lemon Ginger, Double Bergamot Earl Grey, Double Spice Chai, Peppermint Herbal and Chamomile Herbal

50 minimum | $55 per 50 | 2.75" x 3.25"

You and your guests are going to want to sleep in after your brilliant wedding bash. Bring your theme back to the hotel with personalized Door Hangers from ForYourParty! Your beauty sleep will thank us. Include in welcome bags for out of town guests or give them as party favors at the reception. 

25 minimum | $57.50 per 50 | 4"x 9"

Give some flair to your sparkler send-off with personalized Sparkler Sleeves. These smaller sleeves are ideal for holding one to two sparklers. Add a catchy saying, your names or monogram, or even your wedding hashtag! Sparkler Sleeves also make fabulous details for birthday parties, the Fourth of July, tailgates and more. Choose from our wide selection of paper and imprint colors to create the perfect personalized accent for your party.

50 minimum | $38 per 50 | 2" x 3" 

Planning a brilliant sparkler send-off to end your dream wedding? Add a personal touch with customized Sparkler Sleeves! Bundle up your sparklers to distribute with fashion and care. Sparkler Sleeves are also excellent additions to Fourth of July and Memorial Day parties or any event that you want to shine a little brighter. These large sleeves come with a personalized Shimmer 30 Strike Matchbook look fantastic attached to your sparkler sleeves. Assembly is required, but adhesive stickers are provided for easy attachment.

50 minimum | $109.50 per 75 | 2.75" x 6"

Personalized Votive Candles radiate the warmth of the occasion in a personal, intimate way. Foil stamp a monogram, your name or another special saying to the band color of your choice for a beautiful personalized party favor, wedding tablescape or welcome bag addition. Each unscented white wax candle comes in a clear glass votive with your customized wrap, assembly required.

24 minimum | $92.65 per 48 | 2.5" x 2" belly band, 1.5" votive candle diameter

Take your event's utensil presentation to the next level with these paper personalized Napkin Rings. Create a beautiful, personalized wedding tablescape, or set the table in style for any celebration! Coordinate with your napkins and use your personalized Napkin Rings as an extra pop of color at each place setting. Or, pile your wrapped utensils in a basket for a cute end-piece to a buffet line. 

50 minimum | $38 per 50 | 6" x 1.5"