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Zodiac Wedding Details: Subtle or Not So Subtle

23 Sep 2021

Your love is written in the stars— why not incorporate celestial elements into your wedding day? Give your wedding style zodiac-inspired details with For Your Party. Whether you want to add a small nod to your birth charts or create an entire wedding theme around your astrology, For Your Party has the personalized wedding accessories to realize your vision! Your family and friends will appreciate such a unique expression of your destined union.

celestial inspired wedding invitations from FYP are the perfect start for your wedding

Add Zodiac Details to Your Wedding Day

From your personalized wedding invitations to the wedding favors your guests take home as they leave your fabulous day, add custom zodiac details with personalized accessories from For Your Party. From custom cocktail napkins featuring your zodiac signs to matchbox take-home favors declaring your love was written in the stars, the sky’s the limit when it comes to adding celestial elements to your wedding day. Fire signs, water signs, earth signs and air signs will all appreciate your astrology-themed wedding details. 

choose "written in the stars" matchboxes for your custom wedding matches from For Your Party

Enhance Your Wedding with Subtle Astrology Inspired Touches

Add personalized zodiac details to your wedding party gifts by tucking a custom matchbox with their sun sign foil stamped upon it into their gift bag. Even the deepest water sign will appreciate astrology-themed matches to complement a deliciously scented candle or a hard-to-find bespoke cigar. At your wedding cocktail hour, pass your signature cocktails with star-adorned custom cocktail napkins, foil stamped in shimmery silver. Even your appetizers can be on-theme with personalized initial star stir sticks as skewers for kabobs. 

add zodiac matchboxes to your wedding party gifts

Have an Astrology Centered Wedding Theme

If the stars have brought you this far, an astrology-themed wedding may be perfect for you! From gorgeous celestial wedding invitations to the moodiest color palette to having an astrologer on-site for birth chart reading for your wedding guests as an over-the-top wedding activity, create your wedding day exactly how you want to, stars and all! 

Go as big as you want to with your zodiac wedding details— it’s all up to you. You’ll love the way the personalized details add to the gorgeous landscape of your big day. Start designing your zodiac wedding details today with For Your Party.

you can't go wrong with sun sign matches at your zodiac themed wedding!

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choose "written in the stars" matchboxes for your personalized wedding matches from For Your Party