What You Need to Set a Gorgeous Bridal Shower Table

12 Feb

It's not news that wedding planning often extends beyond the couple heading down the aisle. Being family to the bride, in the bridal party or a close friend could easily land you the honor of hosting a bridal shower for the bride-to-be!

Since you're hosting this important event for that special gal in your life, it's only natural you want to throw a beautiful party to make the bride-to-be feel as treasured as she surely is! 

Spring bridal shower trends for 2019 are bright, bold and fabulously unique. You're going to be seeing lots of Pantone's Color of the Year given a shout out through different shades of coral, citrus fruits like lemons being used in decor and flower crowns still being loved on for activities and photo ops.

personalized bridal shower party supplies for a beautiful bridal shower tablescape

How do you set a table for a bridal shower?

We put together this bright floral tablescape to show you! Once you know the look and feel you want to accomplish with your table, you can set it in no time! We like to pick a feature of the table, like a runner, centerpiece, charger, etc., that will be the lead style inspiration in helping you choose all the details. Here's everything you need to set your perfect bridal shower table:

1. The inspiration. We knew that this table was going to be bright. Coral details and flower crowns were a must. From that idea, we decided to use vibrant cloth napkins fashioned from Rifle Paper Company fabric that we used to tie all of our color details together in one lovely, floral look.

2. The place setting. Since the decor and details were going to be the stars of this bridal shower tablescape, each place setting served as a clean, neutral backdrop. Gold chargers and white dishes with gold accents, plus acrylic flatware were just what was needed! You really can't go wrong with white and gold. Plus—how cool is acrylic flatware!?

3. The glasses. The types of glasses you arrange on your table are, naturally, informed by the beverages you choose to serve. Since we were hosting a bridal shower brunch, coffee and mimosas were a must, calling for champagne flutes and coffee cups. Water glasses too, of course, to keep our girls hydrated ;)

4. The napkins. On this table, we decided to use cloth napkins for our larger luncheon napkins and then paper cocktail napkins for drinks and dessert. The fabric was a lovely pattern to accentuate our other details and the personalized cocktail napkins were too cute to pass up on! Every party would benefit from a themed napkin. They add such a fun personal touch, combining the couples names with a pretty design or trendy phrase like "Does this brunch make me look engaged?" We just couldn't pass them up. 

5. The menu. We like to include a menu at each place setting because it is a simple way to bring more class, color and another style detail into each setting, while also sharing what's to come with your guests. 

6. The place cards. So your guests know where to sit! Some people find place cards uber formal, but really they're a great hospitality offering to guests—no one has to wonder if there's a secret understanding floating around of who is supposed to sit where. Technically, we purposed gift tags as custom place cards, since they tied onto a party favor

7. The unique details. You get to make your party YOURS with all the fun additions you add to the necessities. As you can see, each spot didn't have just a coffee cup. An adorable mini donut speared through a festive (and versatile in use) drink stir stick graced each cup and saucer. Then, champagne glasses were set with the fruit already in them, adding a pop of color in each glass. A definite favorite of ours would have to be the flower crowns that also served as place cards. Sweet, naturally lovely and the perfect photo opp after the girls all arrive! Who doesn't like wearing a crown every once in a while!?

8. The decor. OF COURSE, one cannot forget the decor. We went with a craft butcher paper runner for another neutral backdrop. The natural look also complemented our floral chic theme perfectly. Greenery, loose flowers, lemons and limes made up the runner. The decor was meant to add depth and vibes while not distracting from the pops of color we used in our other details. Lemons as decor is trending up this spring, and we are totally loving it! Talk about cheap party decorations that are way cute. 

9. The centerpiece. While a centerpiece can really be included under the decor tab, this one deserves a call out. Here, we purposed another necessity into a beautiful detail. Check out that floral ice bucket! After making the ice bucket, we displayed it on a gold cake stand that coordinated with the table's theme. 

10. The party goers and guest of honor. While yes, the bridal shower table setting itself is quite glorious, the crowning achievement is really when the bride-to-be and guests arrive and get to enjoy it all! 

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