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What You Need to Know About Personalized Wedding Supplies

29 May 2018

Consider: What personalized wedding supplies do you want?
Calculate: How many personalized wedding supplies do you need?
Schedule: When do you need to order your personalized wedding supplies?
Remember: Have fun choosing your personalized wedding supplies!

Choosing personalized wedding supplies can be one of the most fun parts of wedding planning! The keys to success are knowing what personalized wedding supplies you want to use at your wedding celebration, how many and what size to use, and when to order your custom wedding supplies. Once you have these three questions answered, you’ll be sure to have a positive and fun experience choosing your personalized wedding supplies.

When it comes to personalizing your wedding, the options can seem endless, so it’s important to know what you want (and don’t want). Even the seemingly simple task of ordering personalized napkins can become overwhelming: cocktail napkins, luncheon napkins, dinner napkins, linen-like, shimmer, photo…so many choices, and the varieties go on and on! 

The best approach to choosing personalized wedding supplies is to stay true to what you like, and how you want your wedding day to be a reflection of you and your partner’s personalities and tastes. Instead of becoming overwhelmed, set goals before you begin shopping for your wedding party supplies. Ask yourself which wedding supplies you want to be personalized, and even list them in order of priority to help keep yourself on track as your explore the options. This will also help you keep on budget! Not sure what personalized wedding supplies you want to include in your day? No problem! We’ll walk you through some ideas for how to use custom wedding accessories and supplies for your wedding!

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Consider: What custom wedding supplies do you want?

As you think about what personalized wedding supplies you want to include in your wedding celebration, it can be helpful to create a timeline of sorts to make sure you don’t overlook a perfect moment for personalization. Even if you simply think in terms of before, wedding, reception and after, it will help as you choose your custom wedding supplies!

Before Your Wedding:

Long before your wedding day arrives, you can begin personalizing your wedding. Your save the date cards, wedding website and welcome bags for out of town guests are all great opportunities to personalize your wedding in the days leading up to your special day.

Personalized wedding supplies are perhaps most often used at the reception, but there are many other opportunities throughout your wedding weekend that are ready for your personalized touch! One great example is custom designed gift tags can be attached to your wedding welcome bags for out of town guests as they arrive for your wedding weekend. This simple touch of personalization sets a tone for your celebration and extends your hospitality to the first moments your out of town guests arrive.

At the Wedding:

When it comes to planning your wedding ceremony, you’ll think of flowers, music, your wedding party, and your officiant, but don’t forget to give some time to thinking about how to personalize your wedding ceremony with wedding party supplies. Custom printed programs, personalized votive candles, and fans for warm summer days are lovely and useful additions to your day.  If you are embracing social media at your wedding, create a wedding weekend hashtag and post it for guests to use. Your guests will love scrolling through the many perspectives of their fellow guests, and you’ll have a collection of candid photos!

personalized wedding welcome bags, wedding gift tags, wedding votive candles

At the Reception:

Most of all, it is during your wedding reception that your personalized style really has the opportunity to shine! From cups and napkins to sparkler sleeves for the send off, you have endless ways you can use personalized wedding party supplies to extend your wedding theme to even the smallest details.

Sure, personalized cocktail napkins are pretty standard at weddings, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be designed to totally stand out! There are so many beautiful colors and foil stamping designs available. If you’d like to opt for a non-traditional design, create a marbled cream napkin with a modern first initial monogram, or choose an unconventional color combination (maybe tipping your hat to your alma mater?). Custom designed wedding napkins are the sweetheart of personalized wedding supplies, so take advantage of such a fun and creative way to add personality to your custom wedding accessories.

Moving beyond napkins, consider what kinds of beverages you are serving, and the variety of personalized cups you will use. Custom designed disposable coffee cups take the coffee and tea station up a notch, and personalized frost flex cups give your signature cocktails an upgrade. We’ve even seen personalized shot glasses offered to help contain the mixed nuts, mints, and other reception treats that tend to slide around on wedding guests’ plates. There is something special about taking an item used for utility and making it beautiful, so embrace it as you design your custom wedding party supplies!

After the Wedding Day:

As you plan your wedding day, remember to choose the perfect wedding favors for your guests to receive as they leave your wedding festivities. There are many ways to personalize your wedding favors, from the goodie bag you place your custom designed cookies in, to the favors themselves!  You can also attach a sweet note of thanks to your guests with personalized gift tags. As much as you want to personally thank all of your wedding guests, it’s not always feasible, so you’ll be able to relax and know that you’re sending your guests off with a sweet note of thanks along with your wedding favors.

personalized cocktail napkins for weddings, custom votive candles for weddings, personalized favor bags for weddings

Calculate: How many custom wedding supplies do you need?

As your vision for what personalized wedding supplies you want to include in your wedding celebration becomes clear, you’ll need to consider a few practical things. How many of each item to order and how far in advance to order are two important consideration. Of course, each personalized wedding supply will need to be calculated separately, since the number of napkins used and the number of wedding welcome bags will obviously be quite different.

Here is a great FYP blog about calculating how many napkins, cups, etc, to order.

Schedule: When do you need to order your custom wedding supplies

For an ideal time frame for ordering your personalized wedding supplies, you should plan to finalize your order about 8 weeks in advance. You can likely get them a bit sooner, but you’ll appreciate knowing that they are ordered and ready with plenty of time to spare.

Do any of your personalized wedding supplies require extra effort to be finished and ready? Remember that custom gift tags will need to be attached, personalized wedding welcome bags will need to be filled and delivered, and sparklers will need to be enclosed in their sleeves. This may seem obvious, but it is crucial that you schedule plenty of time for the doing, not just the receiving of your custom wedding supplies and wedding accessories.

Remember: Have fun choosing your custom wedding supplies!

As you are in the middle of all of the decisions that relate to choosing and ordering personalized wedding supplies, remember to have fun! Choosing which custom wedding supplies you want and how to personalize them is a creative adventure, so make sure not to get bogged down in the details! Your wedding day can be as elaborately personalized as you want it to be, and feel free to be yourself and choose what you like for your wedding supplies! Take some time today to begin creating your personalized wedding supplies!

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Bar photo of cocktail napkins and stir sticks by Brandon Kidd Photography via Ali Luvs

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