What Birthday Party Trends You Can Expect to See in 2019

2 Jan

While 2018 had some very exciting birthday trends, with each year comes something new. Here are some of the biggest birthday party trends we will be seeing in 2019.

Movie-Inspired Birthday Parties

2019 is going to be a huge year for movies. Aladdin, Captain Marvel, Joker and Dark Phoenix are expected to break records and bring millions to the theaters. As a result, there are certain to be many, many parties that embrace these movie themes—and not just for kids.

You can plan on attending parties with Arabian-style décor for Aladdin and costume contests for the superhero films. Catering, music, tableware, games, and favors will have a lot of extra cinematic flair in 2019.

Popping-Bright Colors for Birthday Parties 

If you’ve been keeping an eye on what trends will be popular for weddings in 2019, you know that bright, 1970s-style colors are predicted to be everywhere. Cue Pantone's Color of the Year, Living Coral. These same eye-popping oranges, lavenders, lime greens, teals, and hot pinks have also been all over the runways and is expected to overlap into décor for events of all kinds—including birthdays.

This means that birthday parties will be using these dazzling brights for décor, including florals, balloons, table linens and tableware, archways, and signs.

birthday party favor bags

Birthday Party Favors

Party favors are back! They took a brief disappearance for a while due to the widespread idea that they are “cheesy,” but this simply isn’t true. Everyone loves party favors, and if it’s within your budget, it’s a fabulous addition to any birthday party.

They have made a comeback, and from what industry professionals are saying, party favors are becoming better than ever—and so are party favor bags. This is yet another area to “brand” your birthday event, show off your colors or theme, and give your guests a nifty keepsake to remember your event forever. Party favors allow you to be creative with your giving, as well as show off a bit of your personality.

custom birthday napkins

Customized Everything at Birthday Parties

When you’re throwing a birthday bash, it’s all about you. After all, it’s your birthday! 2019 is expected to see customized everything, from ice sculptures to cakes to favors to personalized napkins to matches to koozies.

And it doesn’t stop at just customizing. Lots of planners are now naming their event in order to help with hashtagging, as well as good old-fashioned memory-making. Jake Caskey’s 25th Birthday can easily become #Caskeypalooza and Tessa’s 30th is just meant to be #TessaFest—think a festival themed party! All of these great event names can be easily placed on décor, keepsakes, balloons, anything, and can even become the entire theme.

Video Mapping at Birthday Parties

Video mapping is becoming a smash hit, and professional event planners are saying that it will see a huge surge in 2019 birthday parties. Video mapping can transform a room into nearly any “scenario” with a wide variety of design elements. Paired with the right music, video mapping provides a larger-than-life effect that can take birthdays to the next level. If the birthday girl or boy wants to perform in any way, video mapping can offer very helpful accompaniment. It’s also ideal for Sweet 16s, bat and bar mitzvahs, and quinceañeras.

Unplugged Birthday Parties

We’ve all heard of the popularity of unplugged wedding ceremonies, and it’s become so embraced that it’s now continuing on to events of all kinds, including birthday parties. More and more hosts are encouraging their guests to be more in-the-moment, like we were when we were kids, in order to enjoy the people who are around us and the things that are happening around us.

The trend of the unplugged birthday requires a few fun things, including plenty of clever signs and décor to remind people to put away their devices. Or, if you’re really serious about the unplugged theme, Yondr pouches are available to make sure phones are out of the picture and that guests engaged with a completely human experience.  

Drone Videography at Birthday Parties

The dramatic footage that drones can capture has now been used in films, TV, documentaries, and is now gaining more and more popularity in event videos. Weddings, birthdays, galas, and gatherings of all kinds are utilizing drones to capture views and moments that previously couldn’t be seen.

Because of the epic-looking shots that drones can achieve, the footage can create a very elevated look. As a result, more and more planners are expected to book videographer who have drones in 2019.

Escape Rooms for Birthday Parties

2018 was massive for the escape room trend, but that was just the beginning. 2019 will see the incredibly popular activity become bigger and even more complex—and it’s starting to spill over into parties. While event venues and homes may not be easily turned into actual escape rooms, many people are choosing escape room-themed parties.

This can include things like “clue trails” to lead guests to prizes, intricate games to find a surprise, hidden items for people to find, and “prisons” where guests may have to spend a few minutes before being allowed out.

Clear Decor at Birthday Parties

Speaking of signs, you can also expect lots of signage for birthday events in 2019 to be sparkling-clear. This trend took off towards the middle of 2018, and is still going strong. We expect 2019 to push the trend even father with transparent everything: plates, mugs, décor, and even ice sculptures. This chic, clean look is both classic and modern at the same time.

Video Booths at Birthday Parties

Photo booths are on their way out, but video booths are becoming increasingly popular for birthday events, as they allow guests to record a message for the host. No matter what age the birthday boy or girl is, video booths are incredibly meaningful since they’ll be able to hear—and keep for years to come—well wishes, memories, advice, and more from their guests. And if you’ve booked a videographer, they often enjoy editing video booth footage into the final birthday video.

If you’re planning a birthday party in 2019, hopefully these give you some great ideas, or at the very least, what to keep a lookout for! Happy planning!  



Post written in collaboration with Olympia in Los Angeles