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Welcome, Summer 2021

4 Jun 2021

And just like that, summer 2021 is nearly here. Cue the collective exhale. After over a year of all the limitations, fears, and loss of pandemic life, we are seeing the recovery begin. Our hope is renewed. We are in the midst of creating our new norms. After so much solitude, being together again is sweeter than ever! 

Welcome Summer 2021 with For Your Party

We’re Celebrating

As our part of the world pulls through this (so very) difficult year, we celebrate our opportunities to be together. As we continue to spend time together outdoors, and even some indoors, we are rejuvenated. Deferred moments of celebration have come due and we are so glad! 

We’re Gathering

So many of our milestones were postponed or dramatically scaled back over the past year, and now we are beginning to gather for allll the events. Whether it is that milestone birthday that passed quietly during the pandemic or the dreamy wedding narrative that was revised to include a first-anniversary gala, we’re so happy to be supporting these meaningful moments. 

We’re Proceeding (with Consideration)

Of course, hospitality this summer still requires wellness considerations as many guests may still feel most comfortable in a mask, or in seating arrangements that offer a bit of extra space. We’re different people on the other side of the pandemic, and precautions like hand sanitizer wipes or individually boxed appetizers will likely linger indefinitely. 

We’re Grateful

More than anything, we are SO grateful. Grateful to be seeing the elusive “other side” of the pandemic, grateful to be planning parties, and grateful to deliver only the best personalized wedding and party accessories to YOU, our loyal customers. We wish you the absolute best this summer!

Welcome Summer 2021 with For Your Party