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22 Feb

51 Wedding Masks For Everyone on the Guest List

November 18, 2020

FYP Products: Disposable 3-ply Face Masks

Wedding masks are sure to be the top accessory for 2020 events. We found options for every style and personality. Your guests will love wearing these simply decorated—and quite stylish!—wedding face masks. 

Hitched Wedding Face Masks for your guests

29 Bachelor Party Decorations That Aren't Cheesy or Embarrassing 

March 12, 2021

FYP Product: Straw Tags

If you're in the midst of bachelor party planning, you're may already be aware that most of the related party supplies, such as bachelor party decorations and favors, feature imagery of strippers and parts of a woman's anatomy. But there are ways to amp up a stag party (as a bachelor party is known across the pond) with less, er, graphic, bachelor party decor. From balloons to confetti, banners, and more, we did the research for you and found bachelor party decorations that will add a fun and festive touch to your celebration's home base while remaining appropriate enough to post on your public Instagram. 

If you're not into totally decking out your space for the bachelor party, that's totally fine. A few small, carefully-chosen accessories can make all the difference, like these straw tags to adorn the guests' drinks of choice. These are particularly ideal for a tailgate-themed event.

How to Make Your Bachelor Party Unique for YOU!