Wedding Budget Break Down - Making the Most of Your Budget No Matter the Amount

5 Nov

News flash! Wedding planning isn’t all cake tastings and pretty dresses! In the midst of all the fun stuff, the details and the drama, there’s one wedding planning element that is there for it all: the wedding budget! Whether your budget is $5000 or $50,000, or somewhere in between, having a healthy relationship with your wedding budget is a crucial part of your wedding planning! With the average wedding costs these days coming in at over $25,000, it’s safe to say that there is a LOT of money to be spent to make your day special. But just because you CAN spend tons of money on your wedding, doesn’t mean you have to. 

Of course, money can be uber difficult to discuss, whether it’s with each other, your parents or your soon-to-be spouse’s parents, but once you make it to the other side of the discussion, everyone will be relieved. So, first things first, broach the topic with any parties that will be involved! Of course, tread carefully, as it can be a topic that makes some people really uncomfortable. A simple wedding budget breakdown will be helpful for all contributing parties, so the sooner you have a price range, the sooner you can truly start wedding planning.

A Small Wedding Guest List is the Quickest Way to Have a Budget-Friendly Wedding

$5,000 budget

If your wedding budget is around $5000, you’re definitely going to have to stay budget-conscious, but a fabulous wedding is still totally doable! A wedding on a budget doesn’t have to be boring or spare — in fact, less can really be more if you play your cards right!

  • Venue: Try to find a free or inexpensive venue. You can save thousands of dollars on this budget item alone!

  • Food: Simplify your food offerings, opting for quality, not quantity. A select few passed appetizers and a champagne toast can literally be $20-$30 less per person than a plated dinner and an open bar. The savings add up fast!

  • Be selective with Décor and Accessories: Choose the most important décor and personalized accessories to you, put them on your wedding budget checklist, and then let go of the rest! With a totally fabulous custom cocktail napkins and lots of in-season (and inexpensive) greenery, it won’t look like you cut any corners on the big day!

  • Trim the Guest List: Although it can be difficult to keep your guest list small, it’s the single best way to keep your budget small. 


Eye Catching and Fabulous Wedding Cocktail Napkins

$25,000 Budget

If your budget is around $25,000, you’re working with the average amount spent on weddings in recent years. Of course, the more budget-conscious you are, the more luxury you can keep on your priorities list! Take some time to determine where you want to splurge and where you’re fine with a more budget-friendly option. 

  • Keep your priorities: Set your sights on the elements of your wedding day that are most important to you, and let go of the rest. If an open bar or photo booth is super important to you, prioritize those, and spend less elsewhere.

  • Spring for Video: Recent surveys indicate that one of the main regrets new brides have is not splurging for a video of their wedding day. Don’t make the same mistake! It’s worth it!

  • Layer Personalized Wedding Accessories: In addition to your gorgeous wedding cocktail napkins, add personalized matches and custom cups to your wedding bar to layer personalization throughout your reception.

  • Hire Help! An average modern wedding is no small event. Hire the help you, your wedding party and your family enjoy the day! Your closest family members really don’t want to tear down the decorations and take out the trash after a full day. They will, because they love you, but if you can afford it, hire help with all the details that are a little unsavory.


Custom Wedding Cups for Your Wedding Bar
Custom Designed Wedding Matches: A Great Wedding Favor and Wedding Bar Accessory
Serve Memorable Passed Appetizers Instead of Dinner to Save on Your Wedding

$50,000 Budget

If your budget is around $50,000, you should have no trouble throwing a dreamy event for a crowd. Don’t get too comfortable though, because even a generous budget can get spent too soon, leaving you penny-pinching in the weeks leading up to the big day!

  • Stick to the Budget! When you have what seems like “plenty” of money for a wedding, you may actually find it all sneaking up on you! Stay vigilant in your wedding budgeting and hire someone to help with your wedding planning. It’s a major event, and since you have the funds, allot some for hiring help to relieve you from some of the wedding planning pressures.

  • Choose Luxurious Personalized Napkins: Upgrade the quality of your personalized napkins to custom linen like guest towels. They are so soft and a great alternative to cloth napkins.

  • Be extravagant with your wedding party gifts and your thank you gifts. You won’t regret being generous and springing for a beautiful bracelet (for the ladies) or cufflinks (for the guys). A keepsake of your wedding day will remind them of the beautiful day you shared for years to come.

  • Pick the Perfect Venue: Choose a venue that offers conveniences that matter to you. A cityscape view or a mountain overlook will set a dramatic stage for your wedding day, more than any florals or décor can do. Spring for a breathtaking space! 

custom guest towels
Gorgeous Red Rocks View at a Luxury Wedding