Ways to Save on Your Dream Wedding

11 Jul

You’ve been dreaming of this day for years, and now you are actually planning it! But let’s be honest, we don’t all have an unlimited budget for the ultimate fairytale wedding! So how do you get the most mileage out of the funds that you have to make your dream wedding ideas a reality? Here at For Your Party, we know how to save on a wedding without sacrificing your personal dream wedding ideas!

day dreaming wedding planning

Dream Wedding Ideas

Before you get too caught up in all the many beautiful options at today’s brides’ fingertips, take a moment to make a list of your main priorities. Ask yourself questions like: Is a sit-down dinner a crucial piece of your dream wedding day? Is there a certain flower that simply must be featured in your arrangements? Do you have certain dream wedding accessories that you can’t live without?

Every bride is different, so knowing your top 5 or 10 wedding day details will help you maintain vision as you move forward with your decisions. Your dream wedding ideas are more important than current trends. Have you been mentally designing your custom wedding napkins since you were a little girl? If so, add personalized wedding napkins to your priorities list. Maybe you’ve always wanted to wear tiffany blue shoes under your wedding dress—add them to your list! Don’t let yourself feel silly for making a list of your dream wedding ideas. Having a clear vision for your perfect wedding day is the best way to answer the persistent question of “how to save money on a wedding?”

classic wedding cocktail napkins

Simple Wedding Ideas

One great way to save on a wedding is to embrace simplicity and focus on making your wedding day memorable. Perhaps your budget doesn’t allow for an evening wedding with a catered dinner—no problem. We’ve seen lovely morning weddings followed by simple and delicious donut receptions that pack so much meaning and personalization on a shoestring budget. If the food budget is limited to several hundred donuts, you will likely find space in the budget for personalized wedding napkins, wedding favor bags and coffee cups printed with a cute donut graphic and your personal details. With some creativity, you can definitely find a way to include your dream wedding accessories!

wedding donut wall

Memorable Wedding Accessories Ideas

A cute save-the-date idea that is both cost-effective and memorable is the save-the-date coaster. Custom print your upcoming wedding date on a coaster and slip it into an envelope for a useful and clever announcement. As your invited guests use your save-the-date coaster, they’ll frequently be reminded of your upcoming nuptials. If you’d like, you can also design complementary wedding coasters to be given as wedding favors, giving your wedding guests a pair of coasters as mementos of your special day! Maybe wedding coasters aren’t your thing— no problem! Remember, stick to what you like!

Personalized wedding cups and wedding coasters are great items for use during your wedding reception that also extend into wedding favor territory. Custom wedding stadium cups obviously hold your guests’ beverages, but if you double your quantity ordered (which gives you a greater bulk discount), then you can also use them as containers for guests to fill with sweet treats as their wedding favor. Letting your personalized dream wedding accessories do double duty as wedding favors can be really cost-effective, and the extra personalization is always fun!

save the date wedding coaster with engagement picture

Beautiful Wedding Location Ideas

Another great way to save on your wedding expenses is to choose a naturally beautiful location. Botanical gardens, historic countryside churches and secluded beaches can often deliver more atmosphere than money could ever buy! Blooming flowers in a park-like setting outshine expensive greenery ordered from a florist any day. When your location is breathtaking, all you need to add are a few bold and strategic touches of personalization and you are good to go!

Intimate Wedding Ideas

When you get engaged, you may be tempted to invite everyone you can think of, but keeping your wedding day intimate has its merits. A smaller wedding guest list directly translates into lower expenses in many of your wedding budget categories. Fewer custom wedding napkins, personalized coasters and especially budget-friendly, less food, all add up to major savings. Reducing a 200 person guest list to 75-100 is the most radical way to trim your budget. It is truly the answer to the question of “how to save on a wedding?”  

You don’t have to toss out all of your dream wedding ideas to stay under budget. In fact, you might be surprised how many of your priorities are easily possible with a savvy approach. Just remember, this is *your* day, so fill it with your favorite wedding ideas and let the rest go!


Donut wall image Charla Storey Photography via Mon Cheri Bridal