Use Fruit for Creative Table Decorations

13 Sep

Gorgeous tablescapes are a fabulous way to enhance your event decor and create a memorable look in any space. Wherever your special occasion is held, from a top dollar ballroom to the community hall or your backyard garden, well-styled tables will always fit in. Take the opportunity to let your creativity flow and design table tops that accent your theme.

A juicy tablescape trend we currently love? Working fruit into the decor! Not only does fruit go wonderfully with the trendy natural vibe that is still taking the cake, it also adds a lovely pop of color amidst your greenery. Here are a few different ways we like to work in some produce eye candy.

Fruit as Decoration

Deck out your table runner with fruits that match your theme in look, feel and color. The black grapes, grapefruit and pomegranates paired with the greenery add the perfect natural tones to this table runner for a bright, earthy touch. Mixing whole fruits with halved fruits lends more texture to the feature as well.

how to use fruit in your party decorations

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Another beautiful way to add a touch of fruit is to actually place slices or halves in glass vases with simple florals. This works best with citrus fruits. You can place these cheery, whimsical vases on any surface that could use a lift, such as the favor table, on the bar or even as your dinner table centerpieces.

custom matches for personalized party favors

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use oranges in your table decorations

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personalized gift tag with for weddings and events with a personalized party favor

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Fruit Decorations that you also eat

Some fruit accents will look good enough to eat—and are meant to be!  Welcome guests to their seats with a little bit of nature’s sugar. Using a piece of fruit to accompany place cards is simply darling.

use fruit for place card

Photography by Lexi Vornberg, courtesy of Magnolia Rogue


Another tasty tabletop approach is to make your centerpiece the main event. Putting together a wine and cheese party or other shared-style meal? Line it all up as your runner and accent with delicious fruits as tasty as they are pretty.

charcuterie tray as a table centerpiece

Photography by Ashley Batz, courtesy of Apartment 34