Unique Valentines' Day Date Ideas

22 Jan

Valentine’s Day is here again, and we have compiled a list of unique date ideas to make this year memorable, even if you’re short on cash, minus a SO, or celebrating for the zillionth time with your true love!

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Valentine’s Day For Longterm Loves

Are you and your beloved over a decade into Valentine’s Days? Don’t let the annual day for lovers get stale! Spice things up this year by doing something totally different. Are you a dinner and drinks kind of couple? This year, venture out for breakfast or brunch at a local vineyard. Or, experience something new together by signing up for a couple’s cooking class, wine tasting or couple’s yoga. Doing something new together will give you a fresh context to appreciate your long term love, and maybe even a new skill, too!

Heart Shaped Cinnamon Roll photo by Liz Gray

Family Valentine’s Day Ideas

Let’s be honest, if you are in the thick of family life, not every Valentine’s Day ends up being a romantic extravaganza! And that is okay! Instead of letting yourself feel like you’re missing out on something, flip the script and plan an epic family Valentine’s Day party this year. Plan a heart-shaped themed meal, with heart shaped cinnamon rolls, pizza or grilled cheese sandwiches. With a heart-shaped cookie cutter, soooo many foods can transform into special Valentine’s Day feast-worthy fare. Choose a heartwarming family movie, pop some popcorn, build a blanket fort and snuggle down for a cozy evening together. Soon you’ll be enjoying your babies (big and small) so much that you won’t be wishing for anything else. #goals

Love Themed Balloons by For Your Party

Galentine’s Day Ideas

Some years we just don’t find ourselves with a main squeeze, but that doesn’t have to mean our Valentines Day has to be a Debbie Downer situation. In recent years, Galentines has become more and more popular. This year, gather your best gals and have a night of celebration! You’re too fab to take the year off from Valentines Day! Reclaim it in a way that works for your moment!

"Love Is In The Air" balloons from For Your Party

Local Valentine’s Day Ideas

Skip the fancy chain restaurants and gifts from the big box stores and give your Valentine’s Day some local flavor. Instead, try out that new locally owned and operated restaurant you’ve been hearing about, and choose to purchase gifts from local artisans, attend a play put on by your community theatre troupe, or tour one of your city’s historical landmarks or museums.

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Extravagant Valentine’s Day Ideas

Maybe this is your year to hit Valentine’s Day out of the park with something extravagant and unexpected! But, shoot, it’s right around the corner!! #yikes Take a chance and check last minute flights to see if you can find a last minute getaway. If not, go all out with an extravagant evening in. The best cuts of steak, your favorite wine that is a total splurge, new sleepwear or robes for both of you, and, of course, flowers, flowers, flowers—gather all of your favorites to mark this Valentine’s Day with all the luxuries!

Valentine's Day Picnic photo

Cheap Valentine’s Day Ideas

Are you rich in love, but low on cash? Don’t buy into the idea that love is expressed only through things that cost money! Embrace this Valentine’s Day as a low/no spending opportunity to express your love for one another, minus the funds. If you’re musical, write your beloved a song. If you’re more of a music aficionado a la Spotify, craft the perfect playlist for your SO. Write each other love letters, or make lists of your favorite moments together to share with one another on your date. Pack a picnic and take it to a park or scenic overlook, and spend time unplugged from the world and tuned in to each other! You’ll be amazed how meaningful it can be to skip the spending!


Cinnamon rolls photo by Liz Gray via HGTV
Picnic photo by 
brittanygaiser on Unsplash