Unique Tips to Prep for Your Wedding Day

28 Aug

Ever since you set the date you’ve had a countdown going, and now the day is finally here! It’s your wedding day!! You’ve only been dreaming of this day for as long as you can remember. It was a long road to get here, but you did it and all of that planning is about to pay off as you marry your soulmate. You just hope you remembered everything and that the day goes by without a hiccup. Here at For Your Party, we assembled four commonly forgotten tips that can help you prepare for the big day, so you can truly enjoy and live in the moment.

Sweet Dreams

Even though you’ll probably be too excited to sleep the night before your wedding, the last thing you want is to be disturbed if you do manage to get a few peaceful moments of sleep. With everything you have to do on your wedding day, you and your bridal party are in for a long and exhausting, albeit exciting, day. Consider ordering custom door hangers for you and your girls so no one barges in and wakes you up before you’re ready. These are also a good idea to purchase as a favor for wedding guests, who have a little too much fun at the reception. Plus it’ll be something cute to hang on the door of the honeymoon suite!

get ready for your wedding by getting a good night's sleep

Becky With the Good Hair

Your hair is one of the key elements of you wedding day look and you should be doing everything you can to make sure it looks great on the big day. Shortly after you get engaged, start looking at what hairstyles you would like to consider. Then meet with your stylist and develop a plan. Keep in mind that hair grows anywhere from ¼ to ½ an inch per month so you don’t want a cut too close to your wedding day. To help you hair grow, and get some strong nails too, consider taking Olly’s Undeniable Beauty supplements which have great reviews on Amazon and Target.

Grooms hair should also be at its best for the wedding day. Recommend that they try taking hims finasteride to treat baldness and promote growth. The company will connect him with a doctor online and ship the product in a discreet box so there’s no embarrassment.

Ready, Set, Glow

Despite the fact that you’ll probably be wearing makeup, you still want to have healthy and glowing skin especially for your wedding day. For a natural solution that doesn’t involve investing in more product, take a look at what you are ingesting. The BBC’s Good Food offers tips on what you can put into your body that will help your skin. You already know how important it is to stay hydrated and that you should try to drink eight glasses of water a day. What you might not know is that those eight glasses, along with fruits and vegetables like watermelon and cucumber that are high in water content, help to hydrate your skin and make it flexible. Another recommendation is vitamin C, which is found in oranges and broccoli, which aids in the production of collagen to strengthen skin.

Keep Calm and Marry On

Obviously, you want your wedding to be perfect, and with the drive toward perfection comes high amounts of stress. While planning a wedding you and your partner will undoubtedly face several high stress moments and situations. Whether it’s making an important decision, looking for just the right thing or juggling the high cost that comes with planning a wedding everywhere you turn there is a potential for a stressful situation.

In order to stay calm and rational while planning one of the most important and memorable days of your life, try meditating. Mindful compiled a list of five free meditation apps to help keep you calm. Don’t let stress take the enjoyment out of your wedding day, a day you should look back on with fond memories. Instead, work on building tools that can keep you calm even in the face of a disaster.

tips on prepping for your wedding day to walk down the aisle happy

Incorporating these unique and often overlooked tips into your wedding prep can help make your day the best it can be. Your wedding isn’t going to be absolutely perfect, because nothing ever is, but it can be an amazing and unforgettable day with the right planning.