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Unique Book Launch with Custom Promotional Products

26 Oct 2022

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You’ve seen us work our magic for weddings and baby showers, but did you know we do custom promotional products for corporate events, too? Our client Alli Koch sure did! She worked with us to ring in the release of her 7th book, Hey Day–gorgeous photos ahead--with some beautifully branded accessories. Of course, she already had a fabulous aesthetic, so it was a blast creating accessories for her book launch. (Tip: Great branding makes for great party favors!) Read on to get inspired and find out how you can make your next business event as cute & coordinated as Alli’s!

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Like any great event, Alli’s party kicked off with a beautiful introduction. Use custom promotional products to keep your business at the forefront of everyone’s minds by keeping notecards and business cards handy at any entrances and main tables. If there are activities or stations set up around your event, it’s a good idea to post some clear instructions, otherwise your guests may not know what to do next–peep Alli’s QR codes below! Super handy and tech-savvy. Of course, we’ve got your back when it comes to menus, programs, and business cards. Is your event located in a hard-to-find area? We have yard signs, too!

custom promotional products


Now that we’ve made our introductions, it’s time to get into the goodies! Corporate or casual, everyone knows no event is complete without the free food. Wanna make your snacks (and your business) extra memorable to your clients? Serve them up with some custom promotional products! They say that food is the key to the heart, right? Check out how Alli incorporated her beautiful Hey Day branding into her snack table below. While she chose to go with tastefully simple patterned goodie bags and blank popcorn bags, of course  we can’t help but recommend our own bags and boxes. We can put your logo on those too!

custom promotional products

Tablescape Accessories 

Whether you’ll be serving food or sticking to cocktails, it doesn’t hurt to take your tables to the next level with some more custom promotional products. Check out Alli’s napkins and coasters below! Build your beautifully branded tablescape with custom cups, napkins, coasters, and so on: we recommend sticking to your most iconic brand colors and sprinkling your logo throughout. See how Alli incorporated florals into her black and white color scheme? We think it goes great with the Hey Day logo!

custom promotional products

Ready to Party? 

Whether your company is large or small, we know you’ve put in the work to get to where you are. We can help make your business shine at your next corporate event with custom promotional products and party favors. So gather your branding materials and let us handle the rest–it’s time to get down to business!

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