Top 5 Custom Coaster Styles

20 Jun

Nothing completes a party like a good drink or cocktail, and nothing completes a good drink like a cute coaster! Themed, personalized coasters are sure to make your event the special occasion that it is. Custom coasters can be a fun addition or a cornerstone in your party decorations. But when it comes to picking a coaster design, where to start? We’ve compiled a list of our most popular custom printed coaster designs to get the ideas flowing for your perfect party coasters or even wedding coasters.

Conversation Starting Coasters

There’s no party fail quite like putting all your friends and family in the same room only to have them stare blankly at each other. Avoid any awkward moments by supplying your guests with a hand-held conversation starter! You can create a personalized coaster design that functions as both a drink coaster and a topic of discussion.

Offer fun facts or pose a trivia question. Custom write a fill-in-the-blank mad lib sentence. Include the recipe for the event’s signature cocktail. Guests are sure to love your party coasters enough to take them home! Or, you can even save the custom printed coasters for your home bar. Who knew a paper coaster would be the party trick that has your guests talking at the event and for weeks after!?

write in bridal shower shower activity coasters

Botanical Floral Coasters

Another popular choice for custom coaster designs is classing them up with a floral or botanical design, especially for chic wedding coasters. An elegant floral wreath surrounding your monogram will make a lovely addition to engagement party or wedding reception bars. Plus, flowers are classic and timeless wedding decor—adding them to your coaster design is an easy way complement your decor with your barware. Our beautiful floral and nature inspired designs also come in a variety of styles, from intricate to trimmed down, so you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your floral decor!

elegant floral wreath coasters

Exclamation Coasters

A classic coaster design for any event is the forever favorite exclamation, Cheers! Everyone has their own favorite saying to shout before they throw back their chosen beverage and begin to celebrate. Drink up! Salud! L’chiam! Congrats! Whatever your reason for celebrating, the toast of the evening looks great on our square or round coasters. Any of our fun or classic fonts can give your toast just the right festive look on custom printed coasters to match your party theme and style.

drink up coaster with palm branch

Unique Shape Coasters

Get funky. Why settle for regular and round? Don’t be a square, use our unique coaster shapes to spice up your party. Need something for you formal, festive holiday party? Check out our ornament shaped coasters. Deco coasters are perfect for that retro chic 20’s birthday party and our nouveau coasters add that special ornate flare to your wedding or engagement party coasters. Finally, our hexagon shaped coasters have a modern, sleek vibe while remaining simple and fresh. Mix and match these shapes with one of our other top coaster designs to tailor make the perfect personalized coaster for your party.

adventure awaits scallop coaster

Minimalistic Coasters

It’s all about the details! And every detail counts when planning a party. Have your guests "ooo" and "ahh" over the attention to detail you put into each aspect of your decor. With all the design options, it’s easy to go overboard. Remember to keep it simple. Choose to just write initials that match a font used on your other decor or invitations. Or maybe just a small simple graphic that ties into your table settings or venue. Getting married by the water? A simple wave graphic with your name underneath is an understated yet thoughtful way to add coasters to your party without doing too much.

wedding rings coaster in trendy copper foil