Top 10 Spring Wedding Favor Ideas

12 Jan

by Rose Smith

At the end of your wedding day, after all the beauty and meaning and revelry, your guests will make their way home with your wedding favors in hand. Make sure that your wedding favors are as unique as you are by giving the perfect parting gift: personalized wedding favors from For Your Party. With endless ways to customize your wedding favors, you can easily align with your wedding colors and wedding décor for a cohesive look. We've compiled our top 10 spring wedding favors for you below:

personalized tea favors are an adorable and affordable wedding favor from For Your Party

Custom Tea Favors

Send your guests home with everything they need for a warm cup of tea with a few sachets of tea and a tiny bottle of honey or a sugar stick. Create personalized tea favors from For Your Party for a cute and memorable wedding favor. 

design custom koozies for your spring wedding favors with For Your Party

Personalized Koozies

Make sure your guests are ready for the beginning of barbecue season by sending them home with unique custom koozies for wedding favors. This summer, they’ll fondly remember your gorgeous spring wedding as they enjoy an extra cold canned beverage!

add custom wine tags to your wedding favors with For Your Party

Wine or Champagne Wedding Favors

If you’re wanting to feature your favorite champagne or wine as your wedding favors, be sure to design a custom wine tag to express your gratitude to them for attending your special day. Your friends and family will love taking home a bottle of your favorite bubbly or wine, and the personalized tag is the perfect added touch. 

personalized cake boxes are perfect for sending your guests home with to-go wedding favor treats

Personalized To-Go Treats 

If you’re planning to offer sweet to-go treats as your wedding favor, a great option is to stack individually boxed treats on wedding favor tables near the exits. Design your personalized cake boxes to add a custom effect. Individually packaged treats are a must during a pandemic. The donut walls are on pause, to say the least, but you can still send donuts home— just in a custom box instead!

add personalized gift tags to your wedding favors with For Your Party

Custom Wrapped Popcorn or Cookies

Maybe you’re leaning more toward custom cookies or artisan popcorn for your wedding favors. Individually wrapped treats in custom cello bags are a great option, especially when you add a personalized gift tag

create personalized matches for your wedding favors with For Your Party

Personalized Candles and Matches

Personalized matches are a quintessential favorite wedding favor. They add a layer of personalization scattered on your wedding bar. Take it up a notch with personalized candles and coordinating matches, which are a classic and beloved wedding favor. Both custom candles and personalized matches are easy to coordinate with your wedding colors and theme. 

create custom leather coasters for your wedding favors with For Your Party

Custom Leather Coasters

Personalized coasters are already a great wedding accessory, but sending your guests home with a pair of custom leather coasters as their wedding favor? Now that is an upgrade for your personalized wedding favors. A chic and high-quality product, your wedding guests will love putting their new personalized coasters to use.

Personalized Face Masks and Sanitizer

Acknowledge and embrace the historical moment in a personalized way by offering a parting gift to your guests of custom-designed face masks and hand sanitizer. It’s exceedingly practical, and with your creative ingenuity, it can be beautiful. Our new full-color hand sanitizer wipes are a great choice for a lovely and safety-conscious wedding favor.

custom face masks and sanitizer are a great wedding favor this year

Embroidered Travel Bags

If you're looking for a custom wedding favor that gives you plenty of creative freedom to curate a collection of your favorite things for your wedding guests, look no further than custom travel bags. Embroidered travel bags with a few of your favorite essentials tucked inside are a thoughtful and useful wedding favor. For an extra personal touch, include a handwritten note of thanks on personalized stationery for your wedding guests to find on their way home. 

send your guests off in style with embroidered travel bags

Etched Wine Glasses

Your guests will forever remember your beautiful wedding day as they sip their evening wine or cocktail from etched glassware wedding favors. Custom glassware is an enduring choice when it comes to extravagant wedding favors. 

give etched glassware as your wedding favor with For Your Party

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