Top 10 2020 Fall Wedding Trends

21 Jul

Fall wedding season is approaching and even though it looks verrrry different this year the trends reflect the ingenuity of couples getting married during the ongoing COVID19 crisis. Smaller weddings, personalized wedding face masks and single serve treats are all trending in response to the current necessities nationwide. Other fabulous trends that aren’t pandemic related are art-inspired wedding décor and accessories, embellished wedding gowns and blending cultural traditions within one ceremony. Despite the challenges brides and grooms are facing as they marry in 2020, we’re seeing some absolutely gorgeous and innovative ideas coming our way this fall!

1) Vows now, Party later: The Mini-Mony

As we all know, the pandemic has put a hard pause on grand, extravagant wedding celebrations. For some couples, their ideal wedding really just cannot be scaled back, so instead, they’re postponing the gala. On their original wedding date, they still are marrying but with only up to 10 people present. An intimate option, the mini-mony allows couples to move forward with their plans of joining their lives but lets the pandemic party planning pressure wait. It’s really a great option!

Fall 2020 Wedding Trend: The Mini-Mony

2) The New Essential: Wedding Face Masks

Who would have anticipated that personalized face masks would become a wedding industry necessity this year?! 2020 couples have embraced this new hospitality item, making the best of face-covering requirements in their local areas. With personalization options available, we’re seeing custom wedding face masks designed to coordinate with their wedding napkins and other personalized wedding accessories. Phrases like “Quarantined for Life” or “Still Smiling” give an upbeat message to your wedding guests and also offer a sense of security and camaraderie!

Fall 2020 Wedding Trend: Personalized Wedding Face Masks

3) Micro-Weddings

A micro-wedding is essentially a wedding with less than 50 people in attendance. Many couples getting married in 2020 have trimmed their guest list and proceeded with a wedding ceremony with appropriate precautions. Intimate but still festive, a micro-wedding is a great option for couples who can be content with a smaller crowd. Often, opting for a micro-wedding frees up some budget to splurge on an item that wouldn’t be possible with a guest list of over 100. Whether that’s signature cocktails paired with personalized wedding coasters or more extravagant wedding favors in custom gift bags, it’s certainly fun to have an extravagant detail added when your original plan is being scaled back.

Fall 2020 Wedding Trend: Micro-Weddings

4) Art-Inspired Cakes, Invites and Decorations

Art-inspired wedding decorations are a sure way to give your wedding day a unique, creative appeal. Watercolor inspired wedding napkins, illustrated wedding programs and work-of-art wedding cakes are all fab ways to infuse your day with your appreciation for the arts. Hand-drawn place cards and a big artist’s canvas for a guest book are also fun ideas! Create gorgeous personalized matches wedding edition with our watercolor colorways on a variety of matchbooks and matchboxes.

Fall 2020 Wedding Trend: Art-Inspired Cakes, Invites and Decor

5) Single Serve Popsicles + Booze

Single serving food and treats are a great way to set your guests’ minds at ease while they enjoy your wedding food offerings. Boxed tacos, cupcakes and single-serving bottles and cans of drinks are all ways you can reduce the risk for your guests. One of our favorite trends we’re seeing from the wedding bar is popsicles and booze! Hello! If that’s not a winning combination, we don’t know what is?!

Fall 2020 Wedding Trend: Popsicles + Booze

6) Pearls and Embellishments on Bridal Attire

Many elements of our 2020 brides and grooms’ plans may have had to be scaled back, but the wedding attire certainly doesn’t have to be! Pearl details and other elaborate embellishments are popular on wedding dresses this season. Eye-catching details and lavish details are a fab way to take your wedding celebration to the next level of luxury!

Fall 2020 Wedding Trend: Embellished Wedding Gowns

7) Acrylic Everything: Transparent Decor and Details

Acrylic details have become a mainstay in recent wedding seasons. From reception seating charts to table numbers to the chairs at your sweetheart table, acrylic accents add a modern touch to any wedding setting. We especially adore acrylic wedding décor in lush, outdoor settings. The juxtaposition of modern, translucent signage with vibrant outdoor greenery is dramatic and fabulous. 

Fall 2020 Wedding Trend: Acrylic Everything

8) Blending Multiple Cultural Elements

A marriage of two people is a beautiful thing, and when each person brings a vibrant culture to the union, the results are exponential. Cultural details are a great way to create your unique wedding style. The fusion of multiple cultures creates a dynamic and unforgettable wedding environment. So, embrace the various cultural influences in your life experiences by highlighting them on your big day.

Fall 2020 Wedding Trend: Blending Cultural Elements

9) Social-Distanced Table Set-Up and Seating

Social distancing requirements have led to a variety of new trends when it comes to wedding settings. Outdoor venues are hugely popular, and smaller tables (think bistro rather than farmhouse), spread out with over 6 feet in between each table offer your guests a way to fully enjoy your wedding, as safely possible.

Fall 2020 Wedding Trends: Socially Distanced Seating

10) Eco-Conscious Wedding Elements

Eco-conscious details like repurposed décor, thrifted items and reusable products are all showing up in the wedding trends in a big way. From personalized wedding cups that guests can take home to reuse and enjoy as a memento to eclectic collections of vintage plates or lanterns, reusable wedding items is budget-friendly and kind to the earth.

Fall 2020 Wedding Trends: Eco-Conscious Elements


Mini-Mony photo via Cheekwood Botanical Gardens

Micro-Wedding photo by Getúlio Moraes on Unsplash

Popsicle and Booze photo Brogen Jessup Wedding Photography via Fashionable Hostess

Embellished Wedding Gown Photo by Samantha Gades on Unsplash

Acrylic Everything Photo by Jacalyn Beales on Unsplash

Cultural Details photo via Green Wedding Shoes

Socially Distance Reception Tables photo by Micheile Henderson on Unsplash

Eco-Conscious photo by Thomas William on Unsplash