Tips for Halloween Party Hosting

10 Oct

Halloween season is here and that means you can finally throw that spook-tacular party you’ve been thinking about for months! Whether your guest list is an army of elementary aged kids or a crowd of 20-somethings, we’ve got some great tips to help you with your Halloween party hosting.

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Don’t get too old to dress up!


Let’s face it. There are just not enough opportunities in life to dress up in costumes! Don’t fall for the idea that costumes are just for kids on Halloween! There are a ton of ways to embrace dressing up for all ages. Hosting a costume party on Halloween may seem obvious, but the reality is that some of your guests might need a little bit of encouragement to don a costume. As the party host, be prepared to give out awards for various costume categories to add a little healthy competition to the costuming! Mention the costume contest on your invitations, and make sure the grown-ups know they are included! Soon your guests will be clinking their custom Halloween frosted cups as they celebrate winning the “best dynamic duo” costume award!

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Cchoose a spook-tacular party theme!

Choosing the oh-so-right party theme is the perfect way to give a cohesive look to your costume party. One fun option is a decade party. Choose a decade to feature, giving guests plenty of historical figures or movie and TV characters to choose from. The 90s are a popular decade for theme parties this year, but any decade in recent history is sure to be really fun. Or, have an “Animal Kingdom” costume party or “Superheros” theme. If your guest list is family friendly, make sure to tailor your party theme to content that is appropriate for all ages. If your guest list is adult only, well, the sky is the limit! Design your custom party accessories to coordinate with your theme to make sure your cheers-ing is in personalized party cups. You’ll love how easy it is to create a customized design that reflects your party theme perfectly!

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Host a Halloween Nightcap!


One fun Halloween party option is a drop-in “Halloween Nightcap.” Think warm drinks, savory foods and a fun selfie station with a pumpkin balloon backdrop to document those fab costumes. If you have trick-or-treaters on your guest list, they can make your place the last stop on their route, and if you have guests who will be hitting the town later that night, they can start their night at your place. Add something unconventional to your Halloween party bar with candy corn jello shots made in custom designed shot glasses, or offer a fresh take on a classic favorite with apple cider sangria. Your guests will love having the chance to stop, take some photos and enjoy some yummy food.

customized halloween shot glass

Halloween is one of those holidays that you can celebrate as big or small as you’d like—it’s totally up to you! This year, take it up a notch with a fun themed party and a few custom Halloween party accessories. You won’t regret it!