Timeless and Seasonless Ideas for Wedding Planning or Re-Planning

27 Mar

If there has ever been a time to embrace timeless and seasonless wedding planning ideas, it is now. With so many couples facing the postponement or complete re-working of their weddings due to the pandemic, (we see you, spring brides, we see you) plus the countless couples whose weddings will likely be affected in the coming months, embracing a new way of planning weddings is necessary. With fewer guarantees of dates, locations or attendees, it can feel like you’re losing control of SO much. And you are. And we are so sorry. But rest assured, FYP will be here for you, continually providing you with guides for event planning and reminding you to keep celebrating every day.

As people very much in the wedding business for our great love of celebrating LOVE and LIFE, our hearts have been so heavy for the many, many couples facing this massive record scratch in their wedding narrative. We can’t do much to fix it, (sigh)  so we put our heads together on some tips for curating a wedding vision that is timeless and seasonless. With these ideas, we hope you can create a vision (or revision, if you’re already adapting Plan A) that will weather this pandemic well. 

choose a timeless and seasonless wedding dress

Timeless Bride’s Looks

Choosing a wedding dress and bridal look with so many things up in the air doesn’t have to be impossible. Timeless and classic bridal looks will look fab whenever you are able to have your wedding celebration! Try sticking to traditional fabrics like silk, lace and tulle, with delicate elements of appliques, beading, and, of course, ruffles! This silk Aster gown by Lazaro demonstrates all of the show-stopping qualities you should look for when planning your seasonless, timeless nuptials.

Flattering silhouettes and necklines for every body type include sweetheart necklines, strapless, off the shoulder, cowl-neck finishes, lace sleeves and more. Classical, traditional bridal looks have always had a way of exuding regality, so don't shy away from conservative, off-the-shoulder gowns. A cinch in at the waist will always flatter! 

Essentially, there is one ongoing rule for styling gowns, hair and makeup; keep it simple and play up your own favorite features. Wearing a gown with a confident smile will never, ever be seasonally specific. That smile, combined with your hair naturally tousled or gathered up and natural makeup accentuating your eyes or lips will result in wedding photos that you'll be proud and excited to share any time of the year. Feeling bold? The bold red lip will never and has never failed, just like this look from makeup artist Jenna Nicole

timeless bridal make up guarantees a gorgeous look, no matter the season

Timeless Wedding Color Palettes

For weddings that may need a date change, be conscious in choosing a colorway that can be interpreted just as beautifully in November as in June. An autumnal colorway, capitalizing on the gorgeous foliage in October may not resonate as much if the date is postponed to February. However, there are many colorways that don’t depend on the season of your big day!

Our color palette "Something Blue" was originally curated for wintery inspiration, but if you scroll through, you’ll see that it’s a look that can easily be translated to any time of year. Another example, our "Modern Metal Mix" palette is a gorgeous look, any time of year.

Timeless Wedding Themes

When thinking, or re-thinking, your wedding theme, steer toward themes that won’t feel stale if your date were to be adjusted by several months. Your wildflower drenched spring wedding vision will not be easy to translate to fall or winter. Instead, choose a theme that can be lightly adjusted for the date, and not require a complete overhaul. 

choose a timeless wedding colorway that will look great, no matter the date

Timeless Wedding Menu and Bar Offerings

When planning your food and drink offerings, again, opt for entrees and apps that are yummy year-round and not dependent on seasonal availability. Think classic fare, or crowd favorite comfort foods. Stock your bar for timeless drink offerings rather than ones that have a specific seasonal flare (i.e. probably not the time for pina coladas). 

Timeless Personalized Wedding Accessories

In designing your personalized wedding napkins, cups, wedding coasters and other accessories, the main thing we suggest is swapping any dates for creative elements that will make your wedding accessories unique and memorable, and not date specific. Fun Fact cocktail napkins, clever hashtags printed on cups and straw tags, or personalized matchbooks that proclaim that you’re the “perfect match” are all fabulous ways to personalize your wedding accessories, no matter the date!  

We know we can’t solve all the many ways way the pandemic is wreaking havoc on your wedding plans, but we hope that timeless ideas will put some wind in your wedding planning sails. 

a timeless wedding color palette makes any needed adjustments to the date or location less stressful


timeless bridal makeup photo :: @madelenelisella

timeless reception table photo: Jose Villa

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