Throw a Apple Orchard Themed Fall Birthday Party

20 Sep

Throw your sweet kiddo a party to remember! Looking for a theme other than the favorite doll, game or superhero of the year? Here are a few how-tos for throwing a fall-tastic, apple orchard birthday party.



sunflowers, plaid and hay bale party decorations


fall hay and plaid party decorations

Break out the hay, sunflowers and apples! If you happen to have an actual orchard handy, then of course your location will lend greatly to the atmosphere. But with a few small additions, a backyard can be transformed. A little fall plaid for picnic blankets, a handful of well-placed mini hay bails, and festive fruits and tah-dah! Backyard apple orchard.

Food & Drink

custom party cups


personalized party bags for food bars


personalized napkins and custom food kebobs

Carry your theme over to the menu for a truly impressive party. What better apple orchard drink than cider!? Serve up this sweet drink in plastic custom printed cups that are shatter proof and kid-friendly. Personalize the festive cup in your kiddo’s favorite colors, and top off each drink with a personalized straw tag. Not only will these details add to your theme and make drinks fun, your birthday star will love feeling special.

Have easy finger foods available like popcorn in themed bags and maybe even fruit spears. Turning custom stir sticks into kebobs are a simple way to make fruit fun and hopefully encourage all the little sugar-lovers to have a healthy snack!



person party napkins for cake

Consider cupcakes as a cake alternative. These are more easily transportable, easier to eat and make cleanup much more simple. Just pair each tasty treat with a personalized napkin—no plates or silverware needed.



donut eating game for kids

Image via The Chic Site

There are SO many outdoor games for kids and parents alike. S/O to Brit + Co for putting together this very thorough list. Here’s a favorite of ours! We’ve all heard bobbing for apples, but how about bobbing for donuts? Simply loop strings over a branch or clothesline and attach donuts to the end. You can have the kids line up and see who can finish their donut first or who can eat the most without any bits falling off. Sans hands, of course! You can also go the same route but attach apples. Despite the apple bobbing sentiments we might have, this alternative is a bit safer and well, involves a little less spit swapping.


Party Favors

personalized napkin with cute custom gift tags for personalized party favors


custom printed party bags

Nothing tops a party off quite like personalized party favors. Little goodies are a great way to thank guests for coming, and maybe even a good behavior incentive to the younger crowd. Get creative with your favors and send home candy apples with custom gift tags or stuff printed party bags with small treats. Your child’s friends will surely remember the party of the year!