Thank Your Essential Workers with FYP

18 Mar

by Rose Smith

If we’ve learned anything this year it’s that our essential workers are truly making our worlds go ‘round. They are utterly essential. Our package deliverers, medical professionals, mailmen and women, grocery clerks, and baristas are an integral part of our day-to-day. They were essential prior to the pandemic, but it is crystal clear now how much our lives depend on them. As we complete one year of living with all of the necessary pandemic precautions, why not put together some gifts of thanks to share with the essential workers in your life?

offer your essential workers a delicious treat with a custom tag by For Your Party

Give the Gift of Custom PPE 

Stay on-theme with the pandemic by gifting your essential workers with a set of custom PPE items. Fill a small gift bag with several personalized face masks with a quippy statement like “still smiling” and then add a couple of bottles of custom hand sanitizers. Personalize your message of thanks on the masks, sanitizers or a custom gift tag to make sure they know how grateful you are!

Give your essential workers a practical gift with personalized face masks from For Your Party

Refresh Your Delivery Drivers with Cold Drinks

Create a custom koozie with a message of gratitude and offer your essential workers a cold drink, complete with a personalized can cooler to reuse. Set a table on your front porch with a cooler of sodas or mineral waters, along with instructions and the personalized can coolers. You’ll brighten their day and offer them a refreshing drink— it’s a pandemic gratitude win/win!

Share Delicious Snacks in Custom Bags with Tags

Offer your essential workers something tasty by filling cute bags with artisan popcorn or mini donuts or whatever your favorite to-go snack is. Create a heart-felt design of gratitude on the personalized cello bags and tags, tie it up with ribbon and voilá! You have a beautiful gift and tasty gift to offer the essential workers in your life.

give a thoughtful gift to your essential workers, personalized by For Your Party

Add a Personalized Note to Your Thank You Gift

Write a card to tuck into your thank you gifts to express your gratitude to your essential worker. Any thank you note is appreciated, but take your note up a notch with custom designed stationery from For Your Party. With endless paper colors and foil stamping options, you can create a signature look that is unique to you. 

Whatever gift you decide to offer your essential workers, be assured that your kindness will not go unnoticed. In such tenuous times, we all could use an extra measure of kindness shared, and giving your essential workers a thoughtful, personalized gift is a perfect way to do just that. 

thank your essential workers with custom note cards from For Your Party

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