Swap Cocktail Hour for Coffee Hour at Your Wedding

2 Mar

by Rose Smith

Are you more of a coffee person than a cocktail person? If so, why not swap cocktail hour for coffee hour at your wedding? Coffee can be served in a variety of ways and at any time of day, so tailoring a coffee bar to your wedding specifications won’t be difficult. Coffee, and its delicious counterpart, tea, can be a perfect addition to your wedding day, no matter the time of day your ceremony is. 

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Coffee and Tea at a Brunch Wedding

Is there anything better than brunch? Add a coffee hour to your morning wedding, and serve brunch food for your reception. Design personalized paper cups that proclaim that you’re the “perfect blend” for a custom touch. For your tea offerings, create a coordinating tea favor that aligns with your wedding colors and décor. Align your cups and tea favors with your personalized wedding cocktail napkins and other custom accessories for a cohesive look throughout your wedding reception. 

Dessert and Donuts at a Daytime Wedding

Did someone say dessert and donuts? Yes, please. Add these crowd favorites to your coffee hour options and you’ll have happy guests, no matter what time of day your wedding is! Coffee hour is a perfect theme for a mid-afternoon reception, as it will provide everyone with a yummy energy boost. For a cute presentation, use For Your Party’s custom stir sticks to serve several donut holes as a donut-kabob. 

Decaf and Liqueur after Dinner

Looking for a special after-dinner option for your evening wedding? Again, coffee hour for the win! Offering barista-made coffee drinks is a great way to keep guests mingling before your send-off. Specialty liqueur options will take it up a notch, too! Of course, for this time of day, decaf is essential, as well as regular coffee. 

Add donuts to your wedding day with donut kabobs using custom stir sticks

Not all couples want a wedding bar serving cocktails or beer on their big day, and specialty coffee offerings may appeal to more of your wedding guests, too. Whether it’s a matter of conscience or budget or simply personal preference, having a wedding bar definitely falls in the optional category of wedding planning, and offering a coffee hour is a great alternative!

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