St. Patty’s Booze

16 Mar
Guinness with Personalized Cocktail Napkin for St. Patrick's Day

In honor of America’s favorite Irish holiday tomorrow, today’s cocktail is…well…beer. Guinness to be exact! This legendary Irish dry stout found it’s humble beginnings in Dublin in the 1700s under the creative and courageous hand of Arthur Guinness. From there to your cold pint, this delicious drink has made history. Did you know in 1991 the Guinness Rocket Widget (invention to keep canned Guinness smooth and creamy) won the Queen’s Award for Technological Achievement? It beat the Internet as the best invention of the previous 40 years. Again, the Internet.

So gather ’round your friends, pour a glass and toast to the Irishmen who came before us. We’re totally loving the toast printed on the Custom Cocktail Napkins below!

Personalized Cocktail Napkin with Irish Blessing for St. Patrick's Day