St. Patrick's Day Party Must-Haves

21 Feb

St. Patrick's Day is in less than a month! To help you throw the best party ever, here's a roundup of a few things you'll for sure want to include in your St. Paddy's festivities. 

St. Patrick's Themed Drinks

Can you even celebrate this Irish holiday without a little Jameson or Irish Cream? Mix up a 'Dirty Irishman' by adding a splash of whiskey and cream to your coffee. Or, if you aren't too big into cream liqueur, Jameson & Ginger is simple and always a crowd favorite. Add a squeeze of lime and serve on the rocks.

st patricks day cocktail

St. Patrick's Themed Appetizers

Corned Beef and Cabbage—it's definitely a St. Patrick's day classic. We found a super delicious appetizer version of this traditional dish. Corned Beef Irish Nachos come highly recommended! With a homemade potato chip base, you (and your guests!) will dance a jig after every bite. 

st patricks day corned beef and cabbage appetizer

Image c/o Mantitlement Blog


St. Patrick's Themed Desserts

How adorable are these rainbow cupcakes!? You'll have as much fun creating these sweet treats as you will eating them. We do however totally understand the reality of Pinterest fails, so if your culinary creativity stops at adding green food coloring to your can of frosting, that's ok! You can top with some green and white sprinkles to serve St. Patrick's cupcakes that will be just as tasty. 

st patrick's day cupcakes

Image c/o Six Sister's Stuff


St. Patrick's Themed Bar

Now that your food and drinks are covered, go for the gold at the end of your party hosting rainbow with personalized party supplies. Custom cocktail napkins, foil stamped coasters and even custom plastic shot glasses will be a smashing hit. Choose a trendy St. Patrick's Day phrase like "Drink me, I'm Irish" or "Irish for a Day" to be custom printed on your barware. Then, pull out every article of green clothing you own and take a shot of Jameson on us ☘

st patrick's day napkins and st patrick's day shot glasses