Spring 2020 Weddings: How to Postpone

19 Mar

When you chose your wedding date, you could have never known that the whole world would be contending with a pandemic when your big day arrived. Now, in this new reality, countless brides are facing postponing or canceling their big day. At For Your Party, we’ve made making your life events beautiful and personalized our business, so first and foremost, please know that if your wedding is being affected by Coronavirus, we are just SO, so sorry.

We know that we can’t fix this whole situation, but we’ve done our best to source some solid insight and advice to help you navigate such an unprecedented season. Here's a roundup of articles to support all of our spring 2020 brides: 


Rethinking 2020 Spring Weddings in Light of a Pandemic

1) Anna Price Olson at Brides.com offered a comprehensive article to help brides as they cancel or postpone their weddings: Need to Postpone (or Cancel) Your Wedding? Here's How to Do It

2) Over at A Practical Wedding, Meg Keene details how to handle a #pandemicwedding: Coronavirus Wedding Cancellation: A 7 Step Guide| A Practical Wedding

3) The team at The Budget Savvy Bride created a step-by-step action plan for spring 2020 brides: Postponing Your Wedding: A Step-by-Step Guide

4) Green Wedding Shoes has a thorough and heartfelt post for spring 2020 brides: Coronavirus + Your Wedding | Green Wedding Shoes

5) Shannon Lane, over at Betches, weighs in on the crisis and offers support to brides facing the pandemic: What To Know About Postponing Your Wedding | Betches


BONUS!! Our own FYP pro tip: you don’t need a date to be great! You can continue planning and customizing with FYP just don’t include a date for the big day. The date may change, but you and your beloved's names won’t! 


photo via Sarah Yates