Smart Branding for Companies in 2021

3 Dec

Written by: Rachel Rosenberg, Manager of PR and Social Media

Undoubtedly, if you own or are a member of any sort of business, you watched 2020 change many of the habits we’ve developed as consumers. All companies, regardless of size, were forced to assess the ways in which they are connecting with their desired demographic and adapt to a culture that is marketing smarter than ever before. Consistently providing quality results, ensuring communication is always seamless, remaining transparent with your prospective consumers and spending time in perfecting your brand’s customer experience has become paramount in setting your name apart from the rest.

For Your Party may be known for customizing beautiful wedding favors, but our personalization techniques and range of practical marketing accessories make us an obvious outlet to consider your company’s smart marketing decisions. With a brand new year on the horizon, let’s make 2021 be the year that we as entrepreneurs and professionals discover what else could boost ultra-important word-of-mouth traffic and repeat customers via your brand on FYP accessories. Creating custom, organic add-ons can expand on your company’s mission, curate the right vibe for an event, and leave people wondering, “What’s next?”

Let’s think of our custom disposable face masks as walking billboards. Come with us as we turn our cocktail napkins, coasters, and matches into promotional materials that help to guarantee return clientele. Join For Your Party as we encourage our hero products, like branded hand sanitizer bottles, become ways to celebrate the continued success of your company. Time to consider how to make your company stand out year-round with special add-ons worthy of the word-of-mouth that we all strive for! 

A smart move for event planners!

Noteworthy Entrepreneurial Ideas 


Thinking outside of the box is possible for every professional, from realtors, attorneys, and medical practitioners to social media influencers, event planners, mixologists, interior designers, AirBnB owners, and more. The business card of the new generation can and should be considered the dual-sided, classic matchbox, an accessory we love for those looking to network and keep their name at the top of the recipient’s mind. Not to mention, this is a souvenir that we have loved for decades, made timeless by endless options for design! Utilizing your company’s logo on one side, you’re free to customize the opposite side on our classic matchbox to share individual contact information. Work for yourself? Maybe go with a full-color matchbox to include your professional headshot so your clients are always able to put a name with a face. 

It won’t take much for clients to notice these when you place your branded matches strategically in a gorgeous bowl at the office or photographed as a promise to be included in an order on any and every social page, gaining interest with every click. 


Great promotional match examples

A Brand Launch


What a huge moment - you’re about to launch a business and For Your Party couldn’t be more proud of you! Take a moment to be proud of yourself, and after you’ve taken that moment, now it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to make your all-important first impression on your to-be customers. By taking your business seriously from the launch, you’ll always have your eye on how your clientele are responding to your branding message and be able to adapt to changes as your brand continues to grow! Candle company? Get a style of matchbook that matches your identity, just like our budding new friends in New York City, Nose Best Candles, who have channeled their quirky scents into gorgeously branded lipstick matchbooks with 3 sides of customization available. By including a professional photography session prior to their launch, Nose Best was able to unleash their candles to the world, already branded and carefully considered for their audience.

Of course, your branding materials are going to be based largely around the demographic you’d like to win over. As showcased by our close friend, influencer and PR strategist, Jennifer Lake, we were able to create a bundle of clean, yet, totally chic promotional materials just in time to send out for an exciting new venture she was beginning. For her launch with
Sail to Sable x Style Charade, Lake was tackling a higher-end customer, producing branded VIP packages to send to her most influential friends. Jennifer included color combos and patterns from her upscale dresses on everything from cocktail napkins and stir sticks to matchboxes and thank you cards to individually appreciate every one of her supporters. The result? A branded STS bundle that cultivated the nautical-professional charm of her brand’s sophisticated launch.

2 Brand Launch examples

A Corporate Gathering

Keeping spirits bright amongst your team will continue to be important far past the holiday season. Showing your hardworking staff that you appreciate their understanding and ability to adapt during a year like 2020 will solidify their choice to continue their journey under your brilliant lead. A united staff is a happy staff, so whenever appropriate and safe, it’s lovely to be able to celebrate their talent with a cost-friendly budget in mind. Random wine gifting will never be discouraged, especially when accompanied by a branded company hang tag. Our new notepad sets + sticky notes are perfect unifiers for the team, not to mention, branded accessories around the office will leave a brilliant impression on any visiting guests. Handling a staff that’s working indoors? Provide that safety they can feel comfortable in with branded disposable face masks to wear while they work. Everyone matching? Another sneaky way to showcase an extremely put-together team.

Want to talk about a successful staff fiesta? Look no further than the Block Party held by Betches and Brideside at the Brideside NYC bridal boutique to celebrate the 2019 New York Bridal Fashion Week. With like-vendors situated including jewelry designer, Stephanie Gottlieb, this was the ultimate atmosphere for creating clientele, network, and unwind in a professional setting. Branded cocktail napkins, deco coasters and stir sticks accompanied the hit of the night, which were For Your Party’s watercolor matchboxes. With a phrase like, “Sorry, but you like, had to be there…” on the back, it is impossible to forget the great times that were had and create a feel of exclusivity when it comes to who got an invite. Send each member of your team home with a souvenir from an event or company gathering that’ll serve as a consistent reminder that their leadership values teamwork.


NYBFW 2019 Corporate Party

Hosting Virtual + In Person Client-Oriented Events

We’ve got a very strong feeling that 2020 will be associated with many things, one of them being the year that Zoom took us all by storm. Whether you’ve been using the live video software for business meetings, attending webinars, weekly chats with your friends, or to stay in touch with your loved ones, Zoom, and programs like it, have allowed us to be where we physically cannot. Being in the wedding industry, we have seen nothing more inclusive and lovely than having a Zoom recorded reception so all of the best family and friends who could not travel can still experience a couple’s biggest day.

More and more, we’re seeing Zoom conferences being used for brand experiences like an end of the year conference to present to your peers, even virtual parties to celebrate a brand launch or to countdown to the New Year with their appreciated clientele. Here’s where For Your Party comes in! If you’re looking to impress, consider providing guests (in person or at home) with a branded bundle of accessories that’ll help encompass the event they’re signed in for. Utilizing our different packaging solutions, create customized decor that makes the most sense for your customer to enjoy. An obvious, yet totally exciting example? When Seagram’s Escape launched their line of fruity flavors, they emphasized things their entire demographic enjoyed, like football and girlfriend get-togethers. Their hashtag, printed on our stadium cups and cocktail napkins, perfect for watching a little NFL with, also peaked the interest of their female audience: #SundaysAreForTheGirls.

Need a smaller business example?
Cedar Street Candle Collection provided each candle purchase with a free, branded 30-strike matchbook, encouraging the lifestyle of relaxing with a lit candle even further. By sending small additions like our matchbooks with candles, custom tea favors with your skincare or beauty brand, or even hand sanitizing wipes with your medical or spa services and treatments, you’re instantly connecting your company to a positive experience. Businesses have an unprecedented opportunity to maximize their brand during a year in which many are staying indoors much more than usual. Thinking practically and organically, businesses are now able to create branded packages that will improve the staying-in experience. Bonus? Your clients will be providing you with photos of your extras in their natural habitat, much like a burning candle during a luxurious bath that you can then utilize on your own social channels accompanied by product reviews that will draw in others to see more!

Promotional Stadium Cups + 30-strike matchbooks

New Product Launches + Seasonal Branding Changes

If you’re looking to continually connect with your clients, show appreciation for their business, and keep everyone in the know of your latest product launches, then For Your Party is still for you. For those of us who like to change up their aesthetic often, the uploaded logo used to brand your decor, remains in our system for easy access! On top of that, your custom art fee will be waived as long when it’s used again within 6 months of ordering to continue your successful branding journey!

When are seasonal changes something to consider when branding? Check out the wonderful example provided by a brand that People Magazine dubbed as “one of the most successful beauty launches of 2020”, Hotel Lobby Candle. CEO, founder, and lifestyle guru, Lindsay Silberman, chose to unleash her 5-star, travel-inspired candles during the holiday season, making it ultra important for her to present these luxury products as spirited as can be. Her holiday candle launch was photographed for her followers to set the stage for a very Christmas-y scent, made complete by wrapping it like a present in branded ribbon and providing another smart and branded add-on, our leather-like pearl barrel matches.

Our last great showcase of seasonal branding is provided by small business Earnest Frivolity, who chose to brand the smartest way their Seattle gift shop could; branded gift tags! Choosing a beautiful dove gray and white, they’ll be set for the holidays and the rest of the calendar year. But, if they ever decided to unleash a summer gift set and wanted to swap gray for a brighter hue, we’ll be ready to make those noticeable yet little changes. Show your clients you’re thinking about them and their experience from start to finish with a little help from For Your Party this year! 

Ribbons + gift tags to brand