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Show Off Your Pup with Custom Dog Napkins!

21 Aug 2023

Custom dog napkins have long been one of our most popular wedding designs. Seasons may change, but the desire among couples to include their pups in the festivities (even if the dog itself can’t make it) stays the same. Luckily, at For Your Party, we have lots of options to choose from when deciding on how to give your dog a shout out at your wedding!

Custom Dog Napkins

Go Fully Custom

Custom dog art is the path for custom dog napkins that’s the most involved, but also possibly the most rewarding. People love their pets, and we’re seeing tons of couples commission custom illustrations (or get crafty themselves). These can be anything from cartoon sketches, to detailed portraits, to photos, so get creative! If you can draw it, we can print it—hand drawn pooches look great in foil stamping, and photos and full color illustrations look stunning with our photo cocktail napkins. Get cracking in the FYP Customizer! You can easily upload your art and completely design the product from scratch to match the aesthetic of your event.

Custom Dog Napkins

Get a Little Help 

If you’re not feeling quite up to a fully custom design, the FYP Customizer is always a great option for your custom dog napkin. We have a variety of pieces of dog art ready to use, and they can be laid out on a napkin however your heart desires! If you’re using the FYP Customizer, you can also pair our illustrations with other perennial favorites like a fun fact! Even though you’re not using your own artwork, the sky’s still the limit!

Custom Dog Napkins

Turn to an Old Favorite

Not feeling creative? Don’t have a ton of time to make your own custom dog napkin? Our designers are always hard at work making new styles for you to use! Just put in your name, and you’re set! Designs like My Best Friends Are Married, Drinks On Me, and I Do Too are beloved bestsellers. We also like a minimal design for a look that’s a bit more understated. Not to brag, but these are classics for a reason. Custom dog napkins are a great way to bring your dog into the festivities without taking too much of your time or budget.

Custom Dog Napkins

Not Just Napkins

Pet wedding accessories aren’t just limited to custom dog napkins! We always say that anything related to parties that’s worth doing is worth overdoing. If we’re getting napkins for your wedding, it’s a good bet that custom cups, matches, and maybe some coasters will be in the mix too. Whatever you come up with for your wedding, we’re so excited that we can help you share your special day with your best furry friend!

Custom Dog Napkins