Shades of Blue For a Winter Wedding

2 Jan

We all know that every wedding needs something blue, but if a little something blue is lucky, then a lot of something blue is… well, gorgeous! Winter wedding season is here, and there is just something about a touch of blue that gives that icy winter touch to your winter wedding décor. Blue is a major trending tone in 2020, so why not add it to your winter 2020 wedding color palette? Adding shades of blue to your wedding vision can be as understated or extravagant as you’d like. Blue is an essentially earthy color, with the sky as our greatest reference point, and it mixes so beautifully with so many other colors. From delicate blue flowers in your wedding florals to blue velvet suits on the groomsmen, you do you, with blue. 

beautiful blue foil stamped basketweave cocktail napkin for your shades of blue wedding

Blue Wedding Fashion

According to the trend predictions for 2020, blue suiting may very well outpace black for tuxedos and wedding suits this year. If it’s up your alley, why not dress your groomsmen and groom in blue? It’s a fun, fresh take on tuxedo options, and with so many gorgeous hues available, your sure to find a look that coordinates beautifully with your winter wedding style. Or, let your wedding dress be the ultimate blue focal point with a dress.

gorgeous blue wedding dress for your Shades of Blue wedding

Blue Wedding Flowers

One gorgeous way to integrate shades of blue in your winter wedding is with flowers. From wedding bouquets to reception centerpieces, wedding entry arches to floral walls, you can go SO big with blue flowers, or you can totally opt for something more understated. Check with your florist about which blue flowers are in season during the winter, and, better yet, have them give you some options to choose from. Their expertise will help you hone the look you’re curating for your winter wedding day.

beautiful blue wedding bouquet for your Shades of Blue wedding

Blue Signature Cocktails

Why settle for basic cocktails when you can infuse your bar offerings with some shades of blue? Consult a mixologist to create a fresh, wintery, and oh, so blue, cocktail option at your reception bar, or try your hand at some of the recipes online. Adding earthy details like fresh herbs and blueberries gives a blue accent to your delicious cocktail offerings. As you gaze out at your reception crowd, you’ll love the way your blue-accented signature cocktails add to your shades of blue colorway. Of course, accenting your cocktails with custom printed cocktail napkins is a fab idea!

custom designed wedding accessories and a blue(berry) themed signature cocktail

Blue Darling Details

On your wedding day, the attention you gave to the small details may very well be what leaves the biggest impression with your beloved guests. As you consider bathroom amenities, the ribbon you’ll use for hanging signs, which striped paper straws to choose or even the tissue paper color in your wedding welcome bags, all of these small details can be coordinated in shades of blue! 

custom wedding invitation by For Your Party in vibrant blue ink

Blue Personalized Accessories

Of course, a great way to add shades of blue to your winter wedding is with personalized wedding napkins, cups, full color coasters and matches. These seemingly small details all add up to layer your wedding day with the gorgeous blues that you’re looking for. 

custom winter wedding matches, plastic cups and cocktail napkins for your blue hued wedding


Blue Dress Photo by PETER AND VERONIKA via Martha Stewart Weddings

Blue Bouquet Photo by Natalie Chaney on Unsplash