Retirement Party Ideas

3 Jul

No more Mondays! Retirement from many hours put into a job well done is certainly cause for celebration. Help your guest of honor say goodbye to their working days by throwing a retirement party they will treasure among memories. With a fun party theme, personalized retirement party supplies and just the right party details, you can start their life of leisure off with a bang.

personalized party supplies for retirement party ideas

Retirement Party Theme Ideas

An easy way to come up with a great retirement party theme is to simply plan your party with the retiree in mind. How do they plan to spend their newfound (earned) free time? Hours on the lake, traveling the world or shopping the day away? You can use the leisure activities they’ve been looking forward to as inspiration for your retirement party theme.

From using table runners that look like a golf green to centerpieces crafted from antique maps, there are tons of ways you can create a retirement party theme with your decor. We love this bright, free time theme. In summery colors with watercolor, citrus and bubbly word art designs, the look and feel are definitely happy and carefree!

retirement party supplies with custom napkins and party favors

Retirement Party Supplies

As with any good party, personalized party supplies are a must for your retirement celebration. The best part about ordering custom cups, napkins, coasters and more? You can create them to match any theme! No more fingers crossed that the market down the street will have party supplies in the right colors for your event.

Personalized cocktail napkins can feature your retirement party theme with a fun foil stamped design. “I’m Done” napkins or “Now Everyday is Saturday” napkins are fantastic for this carefree party vibe. Why not look at every week as long weekend?

retirement party napkins

Speaking of a long weekend, these “No More Mondays” stir sticks are totally perfect retirement accessories. Custom stir sticks make fabulous additions to any party because they are so versatile. You can use them as drink stirrers, mini kabob sticks or even as dessert decor.

retirement party desserts with personalized kabob sticks

Don’t forget to send guests home with a little memento to remember the celebration. You can create personalized party favors to match your party theme as well! Mark the day with a bookmark—perfect for an afternoon spent relaxing with a good read.

Whatever your preferred party theme, you can easily execute it by personalizing the details and make your retiree feel special starting their days of carefree living.

retirement party bookmark party favors