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"Ready to Pop" Real Party

28 May 2021

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by Rose Smith

When FYP’s beloved art director, Dianna, has the chance to plan a party she doesn’t miss a detail! This spring, Dianna and several of her friends planned an impeccable “Ready to Pop” themed virtual baby shower that is one for the record books. Fully customized, super fun and interactive (even on Zoom?!?) and packed with memorable details— check out this fun theme, done right!


Design you own "Ready to Pop" Pop art inspired baby shower

“Ready to Pop” Theme + Eye-Catching Style

When Dianna and her fellow party planners decided on the classic “ready to pop” theme, they knew they wanted to take it up a  notch. Even though this was an online party, they wanted it to be as interactive and themed as possible. Almost every detail of the party was connected to “pop” in one way or another. Dianna and her friends had a lot of fun coming up with favors that popped - from balloons, to pop rocks candy and even cans of champagne (they included soda for the mama, of course). Even the design style of the invitations and décor was pop-art inspired! “We wanted a really fun and colorful event to get people excited to just ‘stay in their living room and video chat’”, said Dianna. 

Fab Pop art inspired digital baby shower invitation

On Theme "Pop" Favor Bags 

Personalized baby shower favor bags were delivered to all the party guests, either at their doorstep or via the mail, so everyone had a stash of custom favors to enjoy during the Zoom call. Custom gift bags were filled to the brim! Personalized cellophane bags contained the treats, and personalized koozies, custom napkins and straws with straw tags all combined for a fabulous array of personalized accessories. 


create memorable Pop themed favor bags with FYP

Interactive Games— even on Zoom!

Dianna knew that she wanted to make this Zoom party extra special. The pandemic was nearing the one year mark as she was planning, so they put a lot of effort into making this party really POP. Three different interactive games made this party feel extra special. First, there was a costume contest. The instructions were simply: “Wear something that pops” and the guests took care of the rest! The second game was a baby guessing game where all guests submitted a baby picture in advance and everyone guessed who was who. Third, a mystery onesie game where the parents received a box of onesies, each representing one of their baby shower guests! The guests of honor had to guess which guest picked out which onesie. What a great way to keep the party flowing!

This "Ready to Pop" Zoom Baby Shower was so fun!

With cross country guests and a pandemic to reckon with, Dianna and friends delivered a perfectly appointed baby shower for the lucky parents. With strong Pop art inspired style and alllll the “Pop” themed details, this shower is major inspiration for any upcoming baby showers you may be planning for! 

Go all out with the Pop theme with FYP
Fabulous "Ready to Pop" Pop art inspired baby shower
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