Pre-Packaged Food and Favors for Germ-Free Weddings

14 Oct

Written by: Rose Smith
Custom designed boxes and bags have always been a great touch to add to your wedding décor, but with recent heightened sanitary considerations, they are all the more important for your wedding reception planning. Give your guests peace of mind as they partake in your hospitality by pre-packaging as much of your food and favors as possible. With plenty of colors and designs, you can easily create a custom bag or cake box that totally coordinates with your other personalized wedding supplies like custom cocktail napkins, personalized matches and frosted cups.

Create custom party favor bags for pre-packaged snacks at your wedding.

Pre-Packaged Reception Food 


Personalized Goodie Bags or Lunch Bags For Your Wedding Reception 

If you want to minimize the handling of your wedding guests’ food, perhaps a personalized goodie bag is an option. A scaled down version of the lunch bag, it’s a cute size that will fill out nicely even if you have just a small snack inside. Or, size up to a full-sized custom lunch bag. Roomy enough for a small picnic lunch, you have plenty of space to include a water bottle and an individually packaged food item or two. Sure, it’s not your standard wedding reception option, but these are not standard times, and it will take some ingenuity to navigate.

Personalized Cake Boxes For Your Wedding Reception

Serve pre-packaged appetizers in custom cake boxes to reduce food handling and keep food sheltered from any aerosol icky-ness that may be floating around. With the dimensions of 4.5" w x 2" h x 3" d, the boxes can fit a couple of street tacos, several pieces of sushi or a few bite-sized appetizers. Your guests will appreciate your attention to detail when it comes to their health. 

Of course, cake boxes are perfect for, ahem, cake. Opt for a smaller wedding cake and serve pre-sliced cake in custom cake boxes to reduce any concern over who’s been breathing on the cake. 


Custom designed cake boxes are a great way to pre-package wedding food.

Pre-Packaged Wedding Favors


Personalized Cello Bags For Your Wedding Favors

While in years past, many couples have opted for a wedding favor bar where their wedding guests fill provided bags with a mixture of candy or artisan popcorn or donuts, these days a wedding favor buffet may give your guests pause. Instead, design personalized cellophane bags and have your wedding favors pre-packaged for easy and germ-free choosing. With a see-through bag, you can still offer a variety, and your guests will be able to choose their preferred flavors, etc. For example: offer fresh-baked cookies in a variety of flavors or high-end chocolates wrapped in colored foil that complements your wedding design, all displayed in your personalized, transparent cellophane bags.  Available in size small and large, custom cello bags are a fab way to package your wedding favors for ultimate visibility and ability to pick and choose!

Personalized Party Bags For Your Wedding Favors

For another option, consider personalized party bags! Perfectly sized paper bags for items like cookies or a donut, custom party bags will give you a way to offer your wedding favor treats in bags coordinated to your other personalized wedding accessories. Use the same design or switch it up to a message of gratitude— either way, your custom party bags will make sure your guests leave with a tasty wedding favor in-hand.  

Custom designed cellophane bags with personalized tags are a perfect wedding favor solution!

Add A Personalized Label! 

Give your pre-packaged wedding food and favors a personalized finishing touch with a custom label or gift tag. Our personalized labels are available in several shapes, including classic round and scalloped, so you can design a personalized label with your wedding monogram, a message of thanks or your names. Our gift tags are available in multiple shapes and endless paper colors, so creating the perfect look will be easy! You’ll love the way this small detail makes a big difference in the presentation of your pre-packaged reception food and wedding favors.

Create personalized goodie bags for your upcoming wedding.

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