9 Jul 2021

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Tips to Plan the Perfect Backyard Party: From the Experts

July 8, 2021

For Your Party Products: Kid-size Disposable Face Masks, Hand Sanitizers, Classic Gift Bags, Party Bags, Guest Hand Towels

Must-have personalized items for a kid’s party!

For Your Party’s newest favorite venues are the backyard, home porches, and patios. Whether it’s distance restrictions or the concern of stale air circulating throughout an indoor venue, the backyard allows for your guests to feel comfortably spread out and truly celebrate your biggest events with you, finally! A perfect family and friends event that can be hosted at the house? A kid’s birthday party! FYP is one of the top sellers of customizable, artisanal, big-day accessories, and no matter what theme your child selects, we have the capacity to fulfill their wildest bday dreams. Our experts suggest personalized cocktail napkins for food and beverages, some (very fun) color-changing stadium cups, even sparkler sleeves for a night sky full of shine that brings out the inner kid in all of us! While many of us have been vaccinated, kids are often not, so if you’d like to ensure your younger guests are protected, we also encourage customizing our PPE options, which would include, but not be limited to; our child-sized 3-ply disposable face masks and sanitizer bottles or sanitized hand wipes. With designer balloons to pick from, gift bags for goodies on the way out, and guest towels in the restroom, this Chicago-based, female-led small business is ready with all of the essentials and extras to ensure this is a birthday to remember! When planning a backyard soirée, always consider the temperature, the guests’ ages, and anticipate needs based on the activities you’ve got planned! For more assistance on safely and properly planning a big day during these turbulent times, please head over to our blog for our guide, “How to Safely Plan Your COVID-19 Minimony”.

– Rachel Rosenberg from For Your Party


Throwing a fantastic backyard party is the ideal way to gather all of your loved ones and spend quality time with them. Planning any type of event, be it a casual BBQ, a birthday party, or a wedding party, is difficult, especially when it’s your first time doing it. However, if you give yourself plenty of time to organize, you can rest assured that your guests will enjoy every minute of their stay.

An essential aspect of any outdoor party is that everyone has a good time. It is more probable that your guests will enjoy the party if they see you laughing, conversing, and having a lovely time.

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