Plan a Bachin' Bachelorette Party

19 Jul

by Rose Smith

Make sure your bestie has the bachin’ bachelorette party (see what we did there?) that she’s always dreamt of before her big day! Round up her “I Do Crew” and celebrate the bride-to-be with an extravagant, memorable, and oh, so, personalized bachelorette party. Whether you’re hosting an evening out on the town or a long weekend away, make it a true celebration! Your dear friend is about to transition out of single-hood and into the world of committed matrimony! Mark the moment!

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Bachelorette Party Location, Location, Location

Choosing the location of the upcoming bachelorette festivities is a big decision. Does the bride want to go out on the town or opt for something more chill? Are you spending one evening together or a couple of days? These elements will frame the bounds of the party you are planning. Cities like Nashville and Dallas have become staple bach party spots, while, of course, places like Vegas and Palm Springs are always fab options. 

If you’re staying closer to home, splurge on the details that really set this night apart from the usual. A party bus or limo can take your transportation situation from good to great, and it frees everyone up to have a good time knowing that any driving is taken care of by a professional. If you’re planning a more low key event, consider bringing in some services like massage therapists, tarot readers or makeup artists to make the event extra special. 

personalized shot glasses are the perfect custom detail for your bachelorette party

Personalized Bachelorette Party Details

Of course, every single detail you can personalize about the bachelorette party is well worth it! From custom matchbooks to personalized guest towels to one-of-a-kind full color photo coasters, you can create coordinating products that will give the celebration a polished look. Don’t underestimate the effect that custom straw tags  or other small details lend to your party planning— those tiny details are the perfect finishing touch! Speaking of tiny, custom shot glasses with a punny message like “bach sh@t crazy!” are a fun addition!

Opting for the bachelorette weekend away? Stack your bachelorette weekend welcome bags with custom details like personalized flat can coolers personalized flat can coolers, custom hand sanitizer  and other essentials. A mini champagne bottle is a nice touch, as well as a few snacks and water bottles. Create a custom door hanger for the option to sleep in undisturbed for a super cute extra!

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Pandemic Considerations

While the pandemic seems to be receding, we’re still definitely in the zone where pandemic precautions for traveling or being in large groups are still totally legitimate. Provide custom face masks  and hand sanitizer wipes as an act of essential pandemic hospitality. We are all eager for the day that we don’t have to think about masks and germs so much, but we’re not quite there yet. We might as well personalize the items to make them more fun to use!

Planning the perfect bachelorette party is most importantly about creating an event that your beloved bride-to-be can fully enjoy. Lean in to what she loves and enjoys and that is a great start. Personalized details go a long way in making even the simplest event feel special and memorable, so take our FYP Customizer for a spin and see what fabulous bachelorette party accessories you create! Get started planning with For Your Party today!


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