Personalized Wedding Accessories to Make Your Wedding Unique

25 Jul

Your wedding day is approaching, and with it comes many decisions, big and small. You have the opportunity to make your wedding day unique to you and your beloved spouse-to-be, in whatever ways are true to you and your story together. Growing up, you may have attended many weddings and noticed what you loved about each ceremony. Perhaps you have a very clear vision for your wedding day, or maybe you are simply looking for one or two small details to add special details of your day. Whatever the case, personalized wedding accessories give you a great way to add layers of meaning and customization to your wedding day.

The great thing about personalized wedding accessories from For Your Party is that you have complete creative freedom in designing your custom wedding accessories. Whether you are choosing the color combinations that complement your wedding decor, choosing the sizes of your custom napkins or cups, or adding a graphic or phrase to a customized design that is just so YOU, you can do it with ease using our customizing tools. You can even upload your own design to your personalized wedding accessories with our FYP Customizer.

greenery wedding arch

Here at For Your Party, we are always adding new graphics and designs to give you more customization options for your wedding accessories. Your shared interests as a couple can be reflected in your custom designs on your wedding accessories.

One simple and easy way to make your wedding unique is by personalizing your wedding napkins beyond a traditional monogram or names and wedding date. With over 1,300 graphics, finding something that reflects your interests as a couple is easy! Every wedding requires napkins, so they might as well be a fun and unique statement about you and your beloved!

wedding monogram on custom wedding cups, wedding napkins and wedding drink stirrers

Do you and your spouse-to-be happen to like canoeing or boating? Create a personalized wedding napkin that has your name and our brand new oars graphic. Having tacos at your wedding reception? Design custom wedding cups using a maracas graphic or a phrase like “let’s taco 'bout it.” If you love the outdoors, browse our graphics that include trees, mountain ranges, hand-drawn wreaths, and much more. Your customization options will seem endless as you begin creating your personalized wedding accessories.

taco bout love wedding cocktail napkin

Are you craft beer aficionados? Personalized wedding koozies are a great wedding favor to add to your reception planning. Not only will they come in handy at your reception, your friends will enjoy reaching for your custom designed wedding can coolers in the years to come, and each time they do, they’ll remember the rollicking celebration your wedding day was.

Maybe custom cocktails are more up your alley. If so, consider creating a custom wedding coaster with your signature cocktail recipe printed on it. Your guests will appreciate your unique design, and they’ll love taking a custom wedding coaster or two home with them as a memento of your special day, and also to give your custom cocktail recipe a try!

she said yes wedding coaster

Personalized wedding accessories give you the opportunity to make your wedding day unique, and at For Your Party you have the freedom to design a look at the reflects you, your spouse to be, and the life that you share together. Start designing today!




Champagne toast and wedding arch images by Found Light Studios
Monogrammed wedding accessories image by The Everyday Hostess