Pastel Styled Christmas

5 Dec

Who says your Christmas decor has to stay within a traditional color palette?! Say hello to a pastel Christmas! Celebrate the Christmas season this year with layers of gorgeous pastels, from your Christmas decorations down to your holiday gift tags. The pastel trend is totally do-able at Christmas. Deck your halls with pastel pinks and greens, blues and ivory, plus a little sparkle, of course, for a fresh and on-trend update to your Christmas decorations.

Pastel Christmas Tree by Jillian Harris

Pastel Christmas Tree and Decor

Make your tree sparkle with a few strings of pastel lights and classic shiny ornaments in your pastel colorway. Add ivory ribbon and pastel green, blue and pink candles, pillows and other cozy items for the pastel Christmas decor you’ve been imagining. Your pastel Christmas could be your coziest yet!

personalized "swankiest Christmas shindig" cocktail napkin

Pastel Christmas Table and Drinks

Set your table with pastel Christmas table decorations, from the table runner to your pastel cocktail napkins. Cute holiday napkins pair best with a yummy, and, of course, pastel hued Christmas cocktail! #yum. Take your best Christmas party ideas and coordinate your party supplies with your pastel Christmas theme for the swankiest Christmas shindig in town.

pastel Christmas cocktail napkins

Pastel Christmas Party Favors and Gift Tags

Don’t forget to include your party favors and holiday gifts in your pastel Christmas theme! Design your personalized Christmas gift tags on mint green or ivory paper, with shimmery metallic foil stamping. Custom gift tags coordinating with your pastel theme will give gorgeous continuity to the gifts waiting under your tree!

pastel Christmas luggage gift tags

Your pastel Christmas is one that you won’t soon forget. With your halls decked with pinks and mint greens, and all the sparkle you can find, you’re sure to have a season full of holiday cheer!


Pastel Tree image by Jillian Harris via Elle Decor