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30 Social Distancing Parties to Inspire

August 25, 2020
FYP Product: "I Do BBQ" Disposable Face Masks, Can Coolers, Sparkler Sleeve with 30-Strike Matchbook, Stadium Cups

This bride and groom romantically exchanged vows in private, “and desperately wanted to find a way to safely celebrate with their closest friends and family.” They decided on a Sunday-chic BBQ, for which the team at For Your Party were able to “integrate our customized disposable face masks into the equation to ensure that instead of germs, only love and smiles were spread.” For more from this real wedding!

The "I Do BBQ" of California dreams!

5 Birthday Gift Box + Invitation Box Ideas for Guests

October 31, 2020

FYP Products: Full-color Matchboxes
For Your Party created custom-made match boxes that feature a stylish photo of the woman of honor. Other fabulous details from this milestone-birthday party (based on The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel) included custom luncheon and cocktail napkins as well as chic cocktail stir sticks. For Your Party reminds us that if the party was thrown today, they would have included “a beautiful set of customized pink disposable face masks and some hand sanitizer wipes for the hygiene-factor to match the times.” When it comes to creating a memorable birthday celebration, we recommend focusing on all of the little details. Items like napkins and face masks can instantly become part of the décor — as long as you have a talented invitations & print team. 

Full color square matches as guest souvenirs!

14 Black and White Stunning Wedding Ideas 

January 5, 2021
FYP Products: Cocktail Napkins, Classic Matchboxes

Click to see how these modern black and white invitations hint to the glamorous experience that awaited guests at this New York wedding — culminating in the take-home party favor. We love seeing a great design motif carried over to the celebration. For the rest of The Bachelorette's real wedding!

Black, white, and neutrals will always be wedding chic!

42 Wedding Place Cards That Seat Guests in Style

April 12, 2021

FYP Products: Place Cards

It goes without saying, choosing your wedding place cards is an important part of the wedding planning process. As you already know if you’ve been wrestling with your seating chart, table assignments matter. Escort cards not only inform guests of their table numbers, but they also transition your guests from the wedding ceremony to the reception. 

In fact, place cards create the first impression of your wedding reception. And we all know how important it is to make a memorable first impression. Seating cards also create the perfect opportunity to showcase your wedding style and color palette. Use escort cards to complement your wedding flowers, centerpieces, and other décor elements. 

A touch of paradise! Fresh fruit adds bright hues and citrus scents to this custom wedding place card installation at this Malibu wedding. Other photo-worthy details include draped tenting and one-of-a-kind tablescapes. Click to see how mod-white tables get the tropical touch with cascading florals, gold seating, and colorful glassware.

Checking out the Seating Arrangements!