Organic Elegance Wedding in Nashville

22 Mar
winter wedding bride and groom with christmas tree

With spring 2018 upon us, we are looking forward to all of the top trending wedding styles that will be much loved this year, such as industrial, organic and stone elements. Leaving winter behind, we can't help but make big heart eyes one last time to this charming young couple's organic greenery wedding blended with just the right amount of winter elegance. 

Maria and Kyle were married in a traditional church ceremony, treating guests to a beautiful historic church in the Germantown neighborhood of Nashville, Tennessee.

winter church wedding

High school sweethearts, the look and feel of their big day was very much a reflection of the bride and groom as individuals and as a couple. They merged earthy, natural elements with a timeless, classic flare found in their Southern Mississippi, New Orleans' roots for an organic elegance theme. This meant lots of greenery accented with classic white linens, candles and romantic lighting. It was an eccentric pairing of elegant gold and black details with woodsy, herbal accents.

Black bridesmaid dresses and black groomsmen suits were a classic, chic look perfectly paired with greenery bouquets and boutonnieres. The bride's mantilla style veil and the groom's turquoise bolo tie were unique details that added so much to the style and personality of this wedding's fashion.

winter bridal party with black and greenery
bride and groom in church

The theme continued from the ceremony into the reception with stunning greenery and florals. And of course, personalized details! Personalized cocktail napkins on the bar and dessert table and custom matchboxes as part of the sparkler send-off were fantastic, affordable details loved by both the newlyweds and guests. 

From the bride:

"We tried to pay special attention to the details of our big day. One of the ways we executed this was by hand selecting certain herbs for their meaning. Rosemary was used for love and remembrance, lavender for peace and serenity, and eucalyptus for purity and energy. We were able to compose the floral arrangements ourselves and that was a favorite element we saw from the ceremony to the reception.

Another fun detail were our custom matchboxes, and I loved that we make them to maintain a classy look, black matte and gold foil, while showing our personalities. We designed "It's Lit Fam" matches, and had a lot of fun seeing our guests' reactions. The whole send off was so incredible with these huge sparklers and all this great energy as we ran down the line. 

While we were on a budget, as most couples are, we still wanted the day to be really special and personal. Having personalized cocktail napkins was a great way to add more class to the reception. The napkins looked really fancy and expensive but were easy and affordable to add to our reception! We even had some left over and used them on our bar cart at home. It has been fun to have guests over and serve cocktails with our monogrammed napkins in our new home and use our napkins to continue to remember the festivities of our wedding."

wedding welcome sign for greenery wedding
greenery wedding backdrop
organic wedding tables cape
organic wedding with lavender gift table
organic wedding cake
The Reserve Wedding venue in Nashville
organic elegant wedding hand lettered menu
personalized cocktail napkins with wedding cake
organic winter wedding reception in nashville
custom matchboxes for wedding favors
wedding sparkler send off
wedding sparkler send off
urban wedding photoshoot at christmas
urban wedding photo shoot



Photography: Parker Young Photography

Venue: The Reserve

Catering: Edley's Bar-B-Que
Napkins and Favors: For Your Party