Office Party Checklist & Party Planning Tips

4 Dec

As the official office party planner, you have a big job. Let’s face it, office parties have a reputation for being awkward, uncomfortable or even inappropriate. Your primary objective is to create an environment where your co-workers stop talking about work and start interacting as friends. Pulling this off requires some very careful planning with lots of great food, games and personalized party accessories! To help you with this tall task, we’ve created a complete Office Party Planning Checklist. 

Before we begin, let’s review the BAM rule of workplace parties…

Boss — Your boss is still your boss.
Alcohol — Pace yourself! Too much is not a good idea.
Monday — Remember, you’re going to have to go back to the office!

TWO MONTHS before party

 [  ] Form a party planning committee, choose a theme and delegate the following responsibilities: food and drinks, games, prizes, decorations, a setup and clean up crew
 [  ] Set a date and reserve the party venue
 [  ] Get a final budget from your boss (Tip: Go into the meeting with an idea of what you'd like to purchase and how much it will cost)
 [  ] Reserve party tents, tables and chairs
 [  ] Make arrangements with a caterer and/or bar service
 [  ] Other entertainment to consider: DJ or band, karaoke machine, photo booth, games

ONE MONTH before party

 [  ] Send out party invitations (Tip: these should include the date and time; if spouses and/or children also invited; food and drink details; the dress code or theme; door prizes, games and other exciting details!)
 [  ] Plan party decorations and table centerpieces
 [  ] Design and order personalized napkins, coasters and cups from For Your Party

THREE WEEKS before party

 [  ] Create a food and drink menu
 [  ] Write out a grocery list if anything is not being provided by the caterer
 [  ] Meet with the party planning committee to brainstorm fun games and icebreakers
 [  ] Order party favors and door prizes—office swag doesn't count!

TWO WEEKS before party

 [  ] Send out an email reminding coworkers of the party
 [  ] Make name tags, a seating chart and custom place cards
 [  ] Create a party playlist for the DJ—ask coworkers for input!
 [  ] Order a custom cake or cupcakes from your favorite bakery and design custom take-home cake boxes for leftovers

ONE WEEK before party

 [  ] Check in with the venue, caterer and other vendors to confirm everything is all set
 [  ] Pick up business cards from a local cab company, or partner with a rideshare app to provide for guests' transportation

ONE-TWO DAYS before party

[  ] Head to the venue for any pre-event setup like decorations, tables and chairs
 [  ] Be sure there are several trash and recycling bins available with extra bags
 [  ] Pick up any food, drinks or supplies that are still on the list to be purchased
 [  ] Ask (or beg ?) the boss to let everyone out of work a few hours early


 [  ] Send out a final email reminding everyone about the party
 [  ] Label any coolers and fill with plenty of ice
 [  ] Check bathrooms for toilet paper, paper towels, custom matchbooks, toothpicks, etc.
 [  ] Set out food, cups, napkins, plates and utensils
 [  ] Last minute prep that needs to be done for music, games and entertainment
 [  ] Enjoy yourself and take lots of photos! 


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