New Honeymoon Options: Nanomoon Now, Massivemoon later

29 Mar

by Rose Smith

When the pandemic hit last year, the wedding world came to a near-complete halt and many, many couples were required to reschedule, rework and reimagine their wedding experiences. Within a matter of weeks, though, we began to see the beginnings of a whole new set of solutions for modern couples who plan to marry during these unpredictable times. New terms like mini-mony were coined, personalized wedding PPE was created, and we all moved forward as best we could, considering the circumstances.

Plan Your European honeymoon for when the travel restrictions ease

Now, as parts of the country are opening back up and weddings are back on the calendar, the issue of pandemic-limiting travel remains. If a couple had an international honeymoon planned, in many cases, their options are still limited. While the world continues to recover from the pandemic, we find ourselves in another new scenario—where the weddings may go on as planned, but the honeymoon planning is still affected by the lingering pandemic. 

One ingenious response to this dilemma introduced a couple of new wedding-related terms: nanomoon and massivemoon. According to The Knot, the “nanomoon” and the “massivemoon” are two trips that coexist in your planning process. For couples getting married in 2021, for example, their nanomoon may be a long weekend at a local winery, or a quick trip to the coast, while they ultimately are hatching a plan of an extended, luxurious massivemoon to a foreign shore when travel restrictions ease.

2021 weddings: take a nanomoon now and a massivemoon later

So, if you’re planning a wedding and are wistfully imagining a European honeymoon, perhaps a 2021 nanomoon combined with a 2022 massivemoon could be a solution. Travel-loving couples can enjoy a nearby getaway after their 2021 wedding while still planning their return to faraway places when the time is right. It’s win/win!

plan your massivemoon for later, after travel restrictions ease


Photo of Greece: Raimond Klavins on Unsplash 

Photo of Maldives: Rayyu Maldives photographer on Unsplash

Photo of India: Joy Gummalla on Unsplash