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Mix-Matched Wedding Décor Elements

11 May 2021

by Rose Smith

Give your wedding an inviting environment with cozy, mix-matched décor. From mix-matched seating options to mix-matched bridal party dresses to mix-matched tablescape items, your opportunities for creative liberty are endless. 

mix matched wedding party attire is a lovely way to add color to your wedding day

Mix Matched Wedding Party Attire

We all know and love the mix-matched bridesmaid dresses trend. A great way to give your bridesmaids some autonomy while also highlighting multiple colors in your wedding color palette, mix-matched bridal party attire is a great way to add color to your wedding day. The groomsmen can get in on the fun, too, with mix-matched suits or tuxes, or simply varying their tie and vest colors.

Mix Matched Wedding Tablescape Elements

The table décor on your wedding reception tables is a perfect focal point for your unique mix-matched look. Candlesticks, greenery and florals, as well as the table settings, can all combine to create a perfectly original tablescape. When curating your tablescape elements, determine a theme or color palette to stay within. Mix matched brass candlesticks of different heights, for example, but all with the same color candles. Or, if you’re using an eclectic stack of plates, try to stick to a consistent size for continuity. 


create cozy mix matched seating areas near your wedding bar

Mix Matched Wedding Seating Option

Mix-matched seating at your wedding is a great way to cozy up your event space. Creating outdoor living rooms with creatively coordinated couches near your wedding bar for an inviting alternative to cocktail tables. Or, surround your wedding reception tables with similar, yet not matching, wooden chairs for an informal, creative effect. 

Mix Matched Personalized Wedding Accessories

Your custom wedding accessories like cocktail napkins, personalized coasters and one-of-a-kind matches are another great way to layer a mix-matched vibe at your wedding. Instead of choosing one cocktail napkin design in one main color, why not design a trio of napkins to bring some color variety to your wedding bar? Or, create a set of custom napkins in different sizes that coordinate but each remains distinct? 

mix matched cocktail napkins adds dimension to your wedding bar décor

Adding cozy, mix-matched elements to your wedding décor gives your day a totally unique look that your guests won’t see at any other celebration. Embrace your creative instincts and curate a look that reflects your taste completely!

extend your mix matched wedding vibe to your wedding favor matches
mix matched wedding favors are a perfect personalized detail on your wedding day