Match Your Party Favors to Your Favor Boxes

19 Nov

Personalized party favor boxes are a versatile way to offer your party guests their favors! From cake boxes to truffle boxes to the tiny and adorable pillow boxes, For Your Party has party favor boxes in 6 sizes and shapes:

custom party favor boxes

Personalized Cake Boxes

Personalized cake boxes measure 4.5" w x 2" h x 3" d, making them perfect for giving food, like an extra piece of cake from the wedding to enjoy the next day, or a portion of leftovers from your friendsgiving. Cake boxes are also a great size for sharing several small cookies, or even a small gift like a silk scarf. Our custom cake boxes are available in crisp, classic white, with dozens of foil stamping colors to choose from to accentuate your design.

custom designed single letter monogram rectangle party favor box

Personalized Rectangle Boxes

Personalized rectangle boxes measure 3.25" w x 2.75" h x 2.25" d, and are perfect for a few small delicacies (think homemade baklava, a modest serving of peppermint bark, or a couple small cookies.) Available in 35 gorgeous box colors, you will have no trouble coordinating your custom rectangle boxes with your party decor!

custom designed truffle party favor box

Personalized Truffle Boxes

Personalized truffle boxes lend a whimsical touch to your party favor spread. Measuring 3.25" t X 2.75" w X 1.5" d, with a fold-over closure that is secured with coordinating ribbon (please note that ribbon is an additional purchase), your custom designed truffle boxes are a good size for a portion of treats like chocolate covered almonds, a small handful of your favorite mini-sized candies, or, of course, their namesake, a few delicious truffles. Endless box color and foil stamping color combinations guarantee that you will find a look that coordinates with your party decor.

custom designed scallop party favor box

Personalized Scallop Boxes

Personalized scallop boxes deliver a dramatic effect with their beautiful scalloped front and back pieces. In total, they measure 4.25" w x 3" h x 2" d, but please note that their capacity is a bit smaller than you might expect from those dimensions, due to the way the front and back extend beyond and above the actual box that contains the party favors. Available in an array of box colors, foil stamping colors, and coordinating ribbon colors (please note that ribbon is an additional purchase) your party favor box dreams are totally possible.

custom designed pyramid party favor box

Personalized Pyramid Boxes

Personalized pyramid boxes offer a fresh shape to your party favor display. Clean and modern, custom designed pyramid boxes measure 2.625" w x 3.75" h x 2.625" d. With dozens of box color options, and our array of gorgeous foil stamping colors and sheens, the design in your mind’s eye will soon be realized! The opening at the top of the personalized pyramid box is smaller than the bottom, so it is best used for small party favor snacks that can be poured out into your guests hands.

personalized party favor boxes

Personalized Pillow Boxes

Personalized pillow boxes are a sweet and oh, so small, way to contain your party favors! Measuring 4.2" w x 3" h x 0.5" d, it contains the smallest of tasty treats like small candies, but is also a great container for a token like a bracelet or necklace. If you give a lot of gift cards throughout the year, custom designed pillow boxes also fit gift cards! 35 box colors and plenty of foil stamping colors and sheens give you the creative freedom to design your custom party favor boxes to complement your party decor perfectly.

custom designed pillow party favor box

With so many great options for your custom party favor boxes, you are sure to find a design that works for your party theme and colorway. Get started designing your personalized party favor boxes today.