Mama Mia Themed Kid Birthday Party

27 Aug

Here at For Your Party, we love a themed birthday party, and WOW, this may be one of our favorites! A Mama Mia themed 2nd birthday party?! Allll the yesses. When mama, Molly of Almost Makes Perfect, began envisioning the festivities for her son Arlo’s upcoming birthday party, he was in a maaaajor Mama Mia phase. Taking her inspiration from the movie being on repeat in their home, Molly designed a unique and personalized party theme for the big day.

custom designed birthday party entrance sign for Mama Mia party

From Mama Mia inspired (and talented mama-designed) posters to perfectly appointed custom party accessories (hello clear stadium cups with perfect personalized designs!) to an ABBA musical medley performed by his grandparents, Arlo’s 2nd birthday was a chic kid birthday party for the record books!

Mama Mia inspired posters at theme party, designed by party host
unforgettable ABBA musical medley performed by grandparents at Mama Mia party

For food, the fare was Greek-inspired, complete with custom disco ball cookies. You read that right! How perfect?! A simple white cake with a custom cake topper was on hand for the all important candle blowing, of course.

Mama Mia inspired real party cake table with disco ball custom cookies

A muted color scheme with lots of blue and white touches made for a totally gorgeous party environment, and the monochromatic white ball pit was our favorite touch. What a genius way to incorporate a classic kid’s play area without all the, ahem, visual stimulation. The party décor and color scheme was totally all ages friendly, which is a major win! 

monochromatic kid's ball pit at Mama Mia inspired party
Arlo blowing out his birthday candles at his Mama Mia inspired birthday party

The personalized party accessories were on point, too, of course, with clear stadium cups and custom napkins giving unique personalized touches to the party. The personalized napkin design coordinated with the party invitations, and the mama-designed cups are reusable, with plenty of life left to use in the months to come. A fab party, inspired by Mama Mia — we are totally inspired to curate our next themed party accordingly!

gorgeous foil stamped custom napkins at a Mama Mia inspired kid's birthday party
custom designed full color napkins, created to match the birthday party invites
personalized clear stadium cups for Mama Mia birthday party
Molly,from Almost Makes Perfect, and family, at Arlo's 2nd birthday party