Make A Statement With Your Wedding Cocktail Napkins

17 Jul

When it comes to designing your wedding napkins, your options these days can seem unlimited! Napkin color, foil color, font, graphics, texture and size are all factors that play into your decisions as you create the perfect personalized cocktail napkins for your big day. With our FYP Customizer, you can experiment and create until you find exactly what you see in your mind’s eye. Making a statement with your wedding cocktail napkins has never been easier… especially now with our newly launched Statement Cocktail Napkins.

personalized wedding napkins for your wedding reception

Statement Making Wedding Napkins

Why go to the effort of personalizing your wedding napkins if they aren’t totally eye-catching and fabulous, amiright? The perfect wedding cocktail napkin at your wedding reception doesn’t have to be extravagant or overly expensive, though. An intentional, curated look that makes a statement can be highly effective in your wedding décor plans. Browse the various textures, sizes and colors to build your dream wedding napkins. Push the limits of personalized wedding napkin design with our new Statement napkins with edgeless printing that allows your designs to “spill” off the edges of your custom napkins. The effect is dramatic and fresh, featuring your names or design in a big way.

personalized wedding napkins for your wedding cocktail hour

Essential Content For Wedding Napkins 

For the text content on your wedding napkins, will you choose a traditional design with your names and your wedding date? Or maybe you’re looking at including your wedding hashtag or a cheeky phrase to give your wedding cocktail napkins a modern touch? Perhaps you’re a monogrammed wedding napkins person, through and through? Once you know what your content will be, wordswise, it’s easier to play around with fonts and graphics. Don’t let this aspect of wedding planning be overwhelming — it’s totally a fun and creative process. Accent the passed appetizers at your summer wedding with your unique wedding napkins!

New Textures For Wedding Napkins

Brides are usually confident in their wedding colors when they begin designing their wedding napkins, but don’t forget how texture can take a wedding napkin from good to gorgeous and adds visual interest, too! Add dimension to your gorgeous design with For Your Party’s new woven cocktail napkins, featuring a basketweave look in ten colors, including trendy metallics!

Whatever your dream wedding napkins look like in your mind’s eye, embrace the process of designing your personalized wedding napkins that make a statement! Soon, your guests will be sipping your signature drinks in personalized style! You’ll love the result!