Last Minute New Years Party Tips

26 Dec

New Years is upon us already?!? How did that happen?! Good thing planning a last minute New Years party doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Some of the best New Year’s Eve parties are simple and cozy evenings spent together with dear friends. Stay close to home this year, pop the bubbly and watch the ball drop with your favorite people, whether that is a few select friends or the whole neighborhood!

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Prepare the House!

Get your house ready for a last minute New Years Party by stocking up on good snacks, fragrant wintery scented candles and, of course, some bubbly champagne. Create a simple snack bar with plenty of savory hors d'oeuvres, and a few sweet bites too. Plan a low maintenance snack bar with hot foods in warming containers, and lots of food that can be left at room temperature all evening. You don’t want to be too busy tending to the snacks that you miss out on the merriment!

Break Out the Bubbly!

Everyone loves a good New Years cheers! Break out the bubbly for all ages and preferences by stocking the fridge with both champagne and sparkling grape juice, and of course La Croix. No need to make anyone abstaining from alcohol feel awkward; plus, kids and teens will love joining in the cheers-ing. Mark the arrival of 2019 with your prettiest stemware! Add fun confetti poppers if that’s your style.

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Stay Local

Skip the crowds and stick close to home this year with events in your neighborhood. Does your local favorite restaurant or bar have anything fun planned? Find the local fireworks or other celebrations, and head home for a cozy New Years. Of course, watching the ball drop on the big screen at home is a totally respectable option!

Be time zone flexible

If you have lots of littles joining in your celebrations, or, heck, you just like to get in bed earlier than the middle of the night, you may want to have a themed party that celebrates the new year a little earlier in the evening! West coasters can celebrate with a glamorous NYC party, while east coasters can have a festive Brazilian New Years. Embrace time zone flexibility and you’ll find your party options just gained a lot of flexibility!

Whatever you do, we hope you have the best start to a New Year yet. Here’s to 2019 being the year that brings our hopes to reality! Cheers!

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