Last Minute Christmas Gifts

18 Dec

It’s already happening! The Christmas shopping squeeze! Your gift list is still long (and getting even longer?!) and the days are short. Amazon is pushing back delivery dates or items are out of stock, and this Christmas season is looking like it might become a frenzied shopping scene from your favorite holiday movie. Yikes! It’s a last minute Christmas gifts situation!

It’s time to take a deep breath, put your favorite holiday record on and make a plan that will guarantee gifts under the tree AND your Christmas spirit still intact once you are finished. If you haven’t already, make your gift list and note what day you will see each person listed. Next, check out a few ideas we have to help make your last minute Christmas gift situation as pleasant as possible!

designer curated wine gift set

Think Local

In an era when shopping can be done on our phones, from our cozy couches, the idea of setting out to shop for Christmas gifts can seem almost silly. Don’t underestimate the browsing experience, though! Skip the big box stores or worrying about delivery before Christmas, and head to that cute little row of shops nearby that are locally owned. Take the time to smell the candles, listen to the Christmas tunes that will invariably be playing, and smile at the shop owner as you hunt for the perfect gifts. You are sure to find some fabulous last minute Christmas gifts, and you may just find an extra measure of holiday cheer available for free as you browse IRL.

designer curated powder room gift set

Create Gift Baskets

As you survey your list, think about who might enjoy a gift basket. Christmas gift baskets are fun for the gift-giver to create, and just as fun for the receiver to enjoy. Gift baskets can be stocked with tasty treats and other curiosities. Christmas gift baskets are perfect for filling with unique local (to you) items that your friends and family may not have had the opportunity to try. Think about regionally specific items from local distilleries, renowned BBQ restaurants and local bakeries. Introducing your loved ones to the “must haves” from your part of the country is a great way to foster connection, as well as fill a gift basket!

curated wine lovers gift box

Consider Curated Boxes

No time to personally fill individual gift baskets? Let’s be honest, you really just need fast and easy Christmas shopping with same day shipping guarantees! Fortunately for you, there are curated gift boxes! These days, there seems to be a box for everything! Whether you love books, beer, fashion, art, funny socks or hosting parties, there are curated gift boxes available for you! Of course, here at For Your Party, we have a selection of wine gift boxes and powder room gift boxes that are sure to please, as well! Check out our offerings to see if they suit anyone on your list! With same day shipping, your gift will arrive just in time!

This holiday shopping season, resist the panic and find a way to make the experience a good one. You might just be surprised how much you enjoy the process-- even though it’s the last minute!