Incorporating Florals into Your Wedding Design

1 Mar

When it comes to wedding florals, don’t stop at your wedding bouquets, flower arrangements and centerpieces! Incorporate florals into your personalized wedding accessories to extend eye catching florals in a fab way! Here at For Your Party, we have everything from dainty floral accents to dramatic designs that make a major floral statement. And, of course, we have endless unique options for personalized wedding cocktail napkins, custom wedding cups for your wedding bar and bespoke designs for wedding matches in a variety of styles!


Incorporate Florals into Your Wedding Napkin Design

If your wedding design features an abundance of florals, then you simply must create an array of custom wedding accessories to take your vision to the pinnacle of floral fabulousness! Personalized wildflower wedding cocktail napkins and floral inspired guest towels are an easy starting point when it comes to curating your floral wedding accessories. Every wedding needs napkins, right?! Layer shades of colors or mix napkin sizes to create variety and interest throughout your reception design.


florals 2

Incorporate Florals into Your Wedding Cup Design

Custom cups are another great choice when you’re wanting to incorporate your floral wedding design throughout your big day! We have paper cups suitable for hot drinks (coffee with your bridal party while you’re getting ready, perhaps?!) as well as a wide selection of cup sizes and styles, from shot glasses to custom wildflower stadium cups. If your wedding bar is serving cocktails, you’ll want a set of personalized floral frost flex cups sized for cocktails, and then a different cup size for your other drink options like tea, etc. 

Incorporate Florals into Your Wedding Favors Design

Incorporating your floral wedding design into your wedding favors is a great way to send your guests with a token of love that is unique to your wedding day. Design your floral version of the classic wedding favor, personalized wildflower wedding matches! Useful, affordable and collectible, custom floral matches are a great addition to your wedding design. For larger or more extravagant wedding favors, customize the bag or box with your coordinating floral design. You’ll love the way the favors add a final layer of floral to your wedding day design.