How To Score On Your Bachelor Party

29 May

Planning a bachelor party? Set your sights on scoring big on more than blurry memories, cheap beer and the unmentionable details. (We’re not hatin’, dudes, just expanding the options!) With a little bit of planning, you can party hard AND score some solid memories for the groom-to-be and his buddies.

custom designed bachelor party koozies

1) Do More Than Drink! Make the Party Personal

We all know what a classic bachelor party entails, but, ahem, rather than follow a traditional narrative, why not make the party a little more personal? Don’t make the groom a static character in a hazy memory. Instead, curate his bachelor party to include personal details. At the very least, swap the keg for local craft beer, provide a selection of nice cigars, and create a menu of his favorite foods.

Even better, get tickets to a fab concert, travel to a meaningful city (maybe where he went to college?) or visit a local distillery. Seriously, there are so many ways to make his bachelor party about him, and it will only make it a better, more meaningful party. One point for meaningful details!

bachelor party concert photo

2) Skip the Wedding Day Hangover

This may seem obvious, but it’s worth talking about. If at all possible, have the bachelor party a few days or weeks before the wedding. No one, especially the groom, needs to be hungover on the wedding day. You will all be able to relax and really enjoy the bachelor party if you know you have some recovery time built in! Score one for a hangover-free wedding day!

bachelor party kayak adventure

3) Take a Bachelor Party Vacay

Don’t be afraid to think big for this bachelor party by making it into a vacation! Taking a few days off to help prepare the groom for this big life change is a fantastic idea. Take this opportunity to get out into nature, hit a famous golf course, or explore a new city. You’re making memories, so they might as well be awesome ones! And who doesn’t want a great excuse for an extra vacation?! Score!

custom designed koozies for bachelor party

4) Give Party Favors That They’ll Want to Keep

Maybe party favors aren’t even on your radar, and, hey, that’s ok! But let us suggest a cool, totally keep-able party favor option:  custom designed koozies! Even your most bachelor-y bachelors on the guest list will be impressed as you all slide your beers into can coolers that were designed for the party. It’s a great keepsake, too, because it stays totally useful for backyard parties and tailgates to come. Bonus points for a party favor that isn’t lame!

bachelor party golf vacation

5) Save Some Cash With Smart Planning

Use travel planning tools like to score the cheapest flights and accommodations, and check into seasonal pricing at golf resorts or for beach packages. Getting tattoos? See about booking a block of appointments with the tattoo parlor. By doing some shopping around, you can save tons of money, which is a major score!


Concert Photo by Yvette de Wit on Unsplash
Kayak Photo by Gigi on Unsplash
Golf Photo by Kenan Kitchen on Unsplash